What you should know about shore excursions

What you should know about shore excursions

Cruises are more sought after every year and it's not just the sheer amount of time spent on board that determines which cruise to choose, but much more the itinerary to experience different shore excursions while there.

Shore excursions through shipping companies

Many shore excursions are still done through the shipping companies themselves and booked there accordingly. This is largely due to the convenience of the passengers and, above all, their fear. Yes, the fears are really fueled by the shipping companies, namely that only the shore excursions of the shipping company will get you back to the ship in time before it leaves port. And most importantly, that the ship will wait for you or you will get a free onward transportation to the next port. But is that even true? Do you really have disadvantages if you do not book shore excursions through the shipping company?

Book shore excursions externally

To clarify, I have an expert in the interview today, CEO Florian Berthold of www.my-country-trips.en. He explains that there is virtually no downside to booking shore excursions through outside vendors. On the contrary, you benefit from smaller groups and also partly lower costs. And he also explains that the excursions his company offers include appropriate insurance, which will also get you to the next port for free in case of a delay.

My-LandExcursions.de works together with local tour operators, who are regularly checked for quality. Florian and his team put a lot of emphasis on quality. Because there is nothing worse than offering a bad service. And that means that customer opinions are taken seriously and checked immediately. Means as soon as there are one to a maximum of three complaints about a provider, Florian's team immediately engages with the local provider and looks at ways to improve quality. At the same time, passengers can call the hotline (0800/0004913) for assistance on the spot and, in the worst case, get their money back.

Shore excursions


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