Visa to Thailand – the complete guide

Please note – due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and the efforts of the Thai government to bring the tourism industry back to normal, entry into Thailand is prohibited from 1.4.2021 possible (initially only to Phuket), but for stays longer than 30 days you must issue a special tourist visa (STV – Special Tourist Visa), which is valid for 60 days and can be extended in special cases.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world and Israeli tourists, young and old, come in droves every year. It's not hard to understand why, as this magical destination is suitable for individuals, couples and families looking for a place to travel, rest or enjoy at ridiculously affordable prices.

Since "Pre-assessments" but apparently not mandatory (unlike, say, in the USA), there are voices that think it is not necessary – but this is a mistake. Since trips to Thailand are usually long, a visa must be issued for a stay of more than 30 days. How to do it? Here is ca What you wanted to know about a visa to Thailand and were afraid to ask:

Let's start from the beginning.

You have decided to fly to thailand? Good for you! Shortly after you make the decision, friends will show up expressing fierce jealousy (and rightfully so) and after you finish writing the many tips they will dictate to you (and at all? There is nothing to write, after all we have already prepared it all for you in an organized guide) are at your disposal to order the ticket and plan the vacation.

The soft landing will probably be in the capital Bangkok This is the main gateway to the country and after going through the various inspections, like Israelis, you will automatically receive a 30-day visa for free. Since most visitors do not stay in the country beyond that, you may not even notice that you have obtained such a visa, and therefore the common mistake that it is not required, but if you intend to stay in the country beyond that – read on, We are addressing exactly you.

Visa to Thailand - the complete guide

So visas – what types are there and who needs one??

what was up to 30 days: we found that virtually everyone needs a visa, even those who come for a short stay, just that not everyone knows they have obtained it. As mentioned earlier, this visa is automatically issued to Israeli citizens, and all that is required to obtain it is proof that you have a return ticket for a period of less than 30 days from the date of your entry into the country.

If you are not traveling by air, but crossing a land border (e.g. as part of a trip to a neighboring country) entered the country, you will receive an entry visa Only for 15 days (See continued reference).

Visa for Thailand

Over 30 to 60 days: If you are planning to stay in the country for more than 30 days, it is essential that you prepare in advance and if you intend to stay in the country for more than 60 days, you can obtain a suitable visa relatively easily through the Thai Embassy in Israel. The period of stay begins with your entry and up to 60 days from that date in which you can exit and enter the country, so a total of three entries/exits.

The permit is usually received the day after your visit to the Embassy and is valid from this date up to 90 days from this date. In simple words, this is a quick, easy and inexpensive process and must be done no earlier than 3 months before the planned date of travel to the country and not before.

Address of the embassy: Meshit 3, Herzlia Pituach
Telephone: 09-9548412 / 3
Email: [email protected]
Operating days: Monday to Friday at 09:00-11:30 (except on Israeli or Thai holidays)
Cost: 150 NIS for the issuance of the visa + 150 NIS for each subsequent entry into the country, except the first one

Documents you need to bring to the embassy:

  • Photocopy of passport + photocopy of identity card
  • Passport valid for at least six months before the date of arrival in Thailand
  • A copy of the air ticket – in English language
  • 2 recent passport photos on a white or blue background
  • A letter from your place of employment with a statement about your employment – in English
  • Last payslip
  • Confirmation from the accommodation where we complained after landing – in English

Multiple entry visa – With such a visa, you will receive a permit that was valid for up to 60 days from the date of first entry, but unlike the previous visa, you are not limited in the number of entries and exits during this time period. To issue this type of visa, you must submit confirmation of the bank with an overdraft balance of at least NIS 25,000

Visa extension – If you are already in the country but have planned a short stay (up to 30 days) and are lucky enough to be able to stay longer, you can contact the immigration authorities (in Bangkok or any city you are in) before the visa expires (and not after that!) and apply for an extension of another 30 days. The cost of the extension: 1,900 baht (approx. 220 NIS)

Important information!

  • For each day overstaying the validity of the visa you have to pay a penalty of 500 baht!
  • Leaving Thailand is subject to cancellation of the visa, even if it was not fully used, except for a 60-day visa that you purchased in advance in Israel and paid for additional exits and entries into the country after your first entry.

An example to clear your head – If you have arrived in Thailand and have a "normal" Visa (up to 30 days) received and decided to make a foray to Laos for 5 days and return to Thailand, upon your return you will receive a new valid visa for 15 days (and not 20 days as you "stayed" from the original visa are) ).

Over 60 days and up to 90: First of all, it is important to note that no tourist, not even you, is allowed to stay in Thailand for more than 90 days in a six-month period from the date of your first entry into the country. Since the long-stay visas (whether issued by the Thai Embassy in Israel or purchased from the Immigration Department in Thailand) only allow a stay of up to 60 days, a longer stay is a bit tricky – so that except in special cases it is not possible to get a visa for 60-90 days in advance.

אז מה עושים?

If you entered in advance on a 60-day visa, you can extend your stay for an additional 30 days through the country's immigration authorities.

If you entered the country in advance on a visa that was valid for 30 days, you have already extended it in this way for another 30 days (60 days in total) and therefore cannot repeat the process and what you are doing in this case You are crossing the border into a neighboring country, for example Laos, and returning to Thailand.This will give you an extra 15 days visa, and if you change twice, it will add a total of 30 days to your stay – and a maximum of 90 days in total (including the 60 days the visa allowed you) during six months.

It should be noted that there is another possibility to extend the visa again at the immigration office in Thailand, but even if it is approved, it is a visa for a maximum of 7 more days.

Border crossings

So we understand how it is possible to use the border crossing to extend the stay in Thailand beyond the 60 days granted under the visa, but there are travelers coming from a neighboring country (Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia) not under an attempt to extend their stay there – in this case, as mentioned, you will receive an automatic visa for 15 days.

If you want to get a longer visa or extend an existing visa (of 30 days, not 60), you can apply for it at the Thai embassy in Laos.

Address: no. 15 Home Phon Si Nuan Chan Lee lined roads of four cities accounted for Ta Otter. Vientiane
Days and opening hours: Monday to Friday at 08:30-11:30 a.m
Phone (area code +856): 916-453-21 בשעות 13:30-16:30
Cost: 1,000 baht (approx. 115 NIS)

Also this time you need to prepare and bring with you:

  • Passport
  • 2 recent passport photos on white or blue background

A few more highlights and important information

  • Although the price difference is not sky high, it is still about 10 servings of banana loti plus valuable time that can be saved, so those of you who know that we intend to stay longer than 30 days in Thailand, or there is a possibility that it will happen – too bad about the games. It is recommended to come to the trip with an appropriate visa issued in Israel, even if you will not use everything in the end.

So after all the important information, if we may summarize a bit seriously. Flying is fun and exciting, especially when it comes to a dream destination like Thailand. But out of envy, we take the liberty of asking you – show some responsibility and a little planning, that's it. Proper preparation will save you a few shekels, valuable time, and most importantly, great grief, and since the process is so simple and quick, there's no reason to skip it.

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