Travel update: From Yangon to Vientiane

We have moved on. A week ago we left Myanmar and flew from Yangon to Bangkok (with Nok Air for only 30 euros per person). Because the Thai food is so tasty (papaya salad!) and because I had to go to the doctor, we stayed a few more days in Bangkok.

We spent the night at the Penang Palace for 20 Euro per night. The hotel is located in a super area where we hardly saw other tourists (MRT stop Queen Sirikit National Convention Center). In addition, there is a huge market with a huge selection of fruits and other delicacies. And it is also not far to the city center. A really great area.

Most beautiful hospital ever: Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital

Next tip: If you ever need to go to the doctor in Bangkok, go to the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital. It is the hammer! Really! We thought we had landed in a 5-star hotel. There is a kind of porter there, cars are parked, cab doors are held open, the nurses wear pretty little costumes with hoods and everything is so fancy and nice to look at. Incredibly great. I went to a dermatologist and then had to pay a total of 48 euros (including medication and measuring blood pressure).

12-hour bus ride to Nong Khai

From Bangkok we took the bus in northeast direction. Our destination was the border town Nong Khai. The bus trip takes almost 12 hours during the day, but the bus was great. The seats were wide and comfortable, we got snacks, rice with meat, juice and water and in the afternoon again a sweet cake. For this the driver did not take any food breaks. We paid 506 Baht per person (approx. 13 Euro).

In Nong Khai we spent another 3 nights before we went by bus to Laos. The city is located directly on the Mekong River, where you can take a nice walk and have a nice dinner in the evening. During the day we rented bicycles (for 100 Baht, ca. 2,50 Euro) and went to the sculpture park Sala Kaew Ku. There I was almost exactly 10 years ago already once with my parents.

Sculpture Park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (6) Sculpture Park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (7) Sculpture Park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (1) Sculpture park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (2) Sculpture Park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (4) Sculpture Park_Nong_Khai_Thailand_travel2eat (3)

Arrival in Laos

We have then the 10. Entering country of our world trip: Laos. From Nong Khai we took a tuk tuk for 60 baht (1,50 Euro) to the Friendship Bridge and there we got on a bus (15 baht per person) which took us to the other side of the bridge.

Getting the visa was no problem: just fill out a piece of paper, give it together with a photo and 30 US dollars to an official and wait a short time for the stamp – done. A tuk tuk took us afterwards for 100 baht (2,50 Euro) to Laos' capital Vientiane, where we had a very turbulent start. But I will tell you about it in detail another time. On the blog in the near future everything will be about the former Burma (Myanmar).

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