The blogparade against wanderlust: I want to go back to … Great Britain!

You probably can't hear it anymore, but Corona threw a wrench in our travel plans more than once last year for Mr. Wallygusto and I. Neither were we able to take our road trip through Norway, nor did we make it to a walking vacation in Scotland. After all, we had a great time in Germany, which is why I'm actually complaining at a high level: culinary we got our money's worth in Bamberg and hiking is also nice in the Harz Mountains. Still, wanderlust came up way short!

The blogparade against wanderlust

That I am by no means alone with wanderlust is clear to me. Be it among your friends or on social media: Everywhere people are longing for travel! To counteract wanderlust a little, Gela from the travel blog Unterwegs mit Kind has created the blogparade against wanderlust.

In demand are all contributions about destinations in the distance, to which you are drawn again and again: Which faraway destination do you have a score to settle with? Where in the world have you long wanted to return to? To which piece of earth you have lost your travel heart? Or do you simply have wanderlust for the sea, the mountains or the desert?

I want to go back to…Great Britain!

Even though the longing for Norway is strong, I'm still a little bit more drawn to the British Isles. It almost doesn't matter where you go: a hiking vacation in Wales would be just as appealing as a culinary city break to Edinburgh.

What memories do I associate with my wanderlust destination?

Since Mr. Wallygusto and I have vacationed in the UK several times, I have countless memories associated with the island nation! Above all, friendly, helpful people, an enchanting landscape and an almost unbelievable number of taps in the pubs. I also like to think back to the delicious sandwiches and scones with jam that we enjoyed in the south of England.

Travel Guide | Cornwall's North Coast & Bodmin Moor - A road trip through southern England

What fascinated or excited me so much that I absolutely want to go there again??

Already as a teenager I found the millennia old history of Great Britain fascinating. With the visit of the stone circle of Stonehenge, I have fulfilled a long cherished dream!

But also the variety of the landscape inspires me anew with every visit. While palm trees grow on the coast of southern England and enchanted landscaped gardens tempt you to take a stroll, things are a bit rougher in the Scottish hill country. But I also love the rugged coastline and the mountainous national parks of Wales.

Not to forget the many small and big cities to discover. First and foremost, of course, the metropolis of London and the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. There are also culinary discoveries to be made there!

Mystic Stonehenge | Great Britain Travel Guide | Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

How to satisfy my wanderlust for this longing destination at home?

To counteract the wanderlust a bit, Mr. Wallygusto and I like to watch British series, such as Luther or Inspector Barnaby. Unfortunately, this is sometimes rather counterproductive, the pictures of London or Cornwall fuel the desire to travel even more.

Also browsing on the travel blogs A decent cup of tea or Totally-London consoles a little about not being able to travel to the island at the moment.

Or I delve into the cookbooks of Great Britain's Nigel Slater to try out a new recipe of the completely underestimated English cuisine. Its combination of Brussels sprouts, scamorza and dill is, by the way, quite fabulous!

Pubs in London | London culinary

What do I plan to do there on our next trip?

Of course hiking, hiking, hiking! And when we have hiked enough, we can stop at a pub for a beer. Or a visit to the lively London district of Camden Town to swing a round with Amy Winehouse.

Tips for a vacation in Great Britain

Who knows, maybe the pandemic situation will calm down in the course of the year and travel will be possible again without any worries or bad conscience. I try not to give up hope in this. At least with my travel reports you would be well prepared for a vacation in Great Britain. So feel free to drop by to quench your wanderlust!

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