The 8 best camper van travel destinations in Europe

If you are looking for freedom and want to discover the endless expanses, you should definitely make a trip by motorhome. Escape the stress of everyday life and find a breathtaking route for yourself. You don't even have to travel to America, Asia or Australia for this, even in Europe you can discover the most beautiful camper destinations and experience a lot of adventure.

In this article, you will be introduced to the 7 best as well as most beautiful destinations in Europe by motorhome and given exclusive information about each route.

The vanlife beckons! The most beautiful motorhome travel destinations in Europe

There's nothing better than discovering new places and countries on your own. All you need to do is rent a reliable motorhome and you're ready to go. Online you can find some providers that rent a camper, in Germany that would be Wohnmobil Deutschland for example. The best thing to do is to check in advance on the official website of the Torist offices for providers of van and camper rentals. Then you can also be sure that the company is trustworthy.

To be able to collect some ideas about the ideal destination, we now present you the 8 best RV travel destinations all over Europe.

1. In search of the northern lights: the Ring Road of Iceland

Iceland – a country full of natural forces and a breathtaking route, which is ideal for motorhome tours. The Ring Road leads once around the whole island. On the way you can discover many great sights, mountains, volcanoes, geysers, glaciers and natural landscapes.

The ca. 1.560 km long route starts and ends in the capital Reykjavik. For this vacation with motorhome you should plan about 7 – 15 days, depending on how long you want to camp in one place. The best time to travel to Iceland is between May and November. If you do want to travel to Iceland in the winter, you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful Northern Lights. The highlights of the trip are the hot springs of Secret Lagoon and Vatnajokull National Park.

2. Enjoy freedom in Norway

When it comes to RV travel destinations, this country of course can not be missed: Camping in Norway is a classic for those who love the vanlife and has enjoyed great popularity for years and decades. For good reason: The routes lead through wild and unique landscapes, the roads and the infrastructure for camper lovers is particularly good in Norway.

How about, for example, a round trip through the south the Fjell and the fjords. Or are they more in the mood for a fresh Atlantic breeze? Then we recommend the far north, with the majestic rocky peaks of the Lofoten Islands. Besides the special nature of Norway, there is also a special law here – the so called Everyman's right. This allows the free, but always responsible use of nature. So you may pitch your tent and spend the night in the open air. Or one books oneself a place on one of the 229 campsites, bookable and findable over MolTravel.

3. The most beautiful motorhome destinations in Germany

Also in your own country you can make excellent wonderful motorhome tours. You don't have to decide specifically for a route, because you are flexible with the camper. Nevertheless, there are a few beautiful routes that you must have seen once in Germany. For example, you can rent a motorhome in Frankfurt and start from there.

One of the most popular destinations with a motorhome is the 90 km long wine route, which leads through the beautiful vineyards of the Palatinate. Also the 600 km long German Fairy Tale Road invites you to a vacation with a motorhome. Here you start in the Hessian region of Hanau and end the trip in Bremen. From there, a trip to the North Sea is still worthwhile for a crowning conclusion. It is best to plan 7 – 14 days here as well.

4. The French Riviera by motorhome

Another beautiful journey with the motorhome goes through the French Riviera. This is about 300 km long and goes from Marseille to Monaco. There you can discover dreamlike coasts, noble places, mountain villages and unique natural landscapes.

For this vacation with motorhome you should take at best 8-10 days, especially if you want to stay longer at a breathtaking place or coastline. On the way you can get some impressions of the Cote d'Azur (e.g. St. Marseille, Nice, St. Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo) are collected. For more information about traveling with a motorhome in France, visit the official French tourism website.

5. Round trip Italy: Discover the beauty of South Tyrol

You love Italy? Then you should definitely make your vacation with the motorhome in South Tyrol and discover incredible mountain landscapes as well as lakes. You will drive through the mighty Dolomites and relax for one or two days at the beautiful Lake Garda.

Particularly recommendable and partly not yet so densely populated by tourists is the region of Lana – south of Meran. Easily accessible by RV or van, Lana combines Mediterranean and alpine influences.

The region is wonderful for epicureans and adventurers alike. Great are also the campsites, such as the campsite in the natural spa Vollan in a unique location.

RV Travel Destinations

Camping in Vollan with pool and panorama.

From here you can watch stars at night while enjoying the panorama over Lana's vineyards and apple orchards from the hotel's pool during the day. For those who want even more comfort, Luxury Camping Schlosshof – not far from the center of Lana – is recommended. There are even design baths and sauna here, as well as a wonderful restaurant with a terrace.

Name is program in Luxury Camping Schlosshof.

Start your trip in Rome and head north. The route is about 1.500 km long. For this 2 to 3 weeks would be absolutely recommendable. Also from Germany, you can reach South Tyrol well. The best time to go is between April and October.

6. Cultural round trip by motorhome through Spain

For all art lovers or Mediterranean fans, a trip with the camper through Andalusia is absolutely recommended! To experience the history of Al-Andalus, it is best to start in Malaga. Further along the Costa del Sol to Gibraltar, Cadiz, Jerez, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada (visit to the Alhambra!) and at the end again Malaga.

For this road trip you should definitely plan 14 to 20 days. The best time to travel is either in spring or in autumn. Summer might already be too warm in Andalusia.

7. Camping and Surfing: Road trip through Portugal by motorhome

You love action and sea? Then a road trip by motorhome through Portugal is the best destination for you. While doing so, you will have the opportunity to sail along many great coasts while riding the highest waves.

Especially the Algarve attracts with an impressive nature and beautiful pitches, partly directly at the sea. And if you feel like a little wellness and luxury: We know the best hotels in the Algarve.

Start your trip with the motorhome in Faro and end it in Porto. The route is around 800 km long, so you should already plan around 7-10 days. So that the sea is not too cold, it would be advisable to travel to Portugal between May and October.

8. Along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia

The last and also beautiful motorhome tour, is along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The route is approx. 1.000 km. Accordingly, 10 – 14 days would be planned as a travel time. There you start in Zagreb and drive to Split. Especially for a relaxing vacation in a motorhome by the sea, this route is excellent.

The best time to travel is between April and November, so you can still go swimming extensively in the crystal clear sea.

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