Roundtrip Ireland: Dream vacation on Europe’s Green Island

The endless expanses of lush green meadows and picturesque hilly landscapes, crystal-clear mountain lakes and rugged cliffs, as well as fairytale castles, historic fortresses and mysterious places from earlier times – that is Ireland. Discover the unmistakable beauty of nature and culture on Europe's Emerald Isle and let yourself be carried away and enchanted by the warm and sociable Irish way of life.

Plunge into an unforgettable adventure, go on a round trip to Ireland and get to know the land of myths, fairies and elves: Drive along the panoramic Ring of Kerry road through green meadows and rugged coastal stretches, past idyllic villages and enjoy the fascinating views of nature along the way. Relax between imposing cliffs on Coumeenole Beach or experience surfing pleasure on Whiterocks Beach. Discover mysterious places like the Leap Castle and let yourself be carried away by the horror stories. Visit Dublin, stroll through the alleys of the capital city, visit cultural highlights like the Half Penny Bridge and end the evening in a pub with Guinness and Irish folk music.

Ireland is not only for nature lovers and adventurers a vacation experience of a special kind, also the hearts of romantics, globetrotters, culture hunters and active vacationers beat faster with the many facets of the Emerald Isle. Book with your unforgettable roundtrip as an organized trip in a group or individually adapted to your own vacation wishes. Go exploring in a classic rental car, enjoy the comfort of a motorhome or experience adventurous moments on a motorcycle.

Table of Contents – Round Trips Ireland

  • On the road in Ireland:
    Enjoy the diversity of a round trip
  • From Dublin to the south of Ireland and back:
    Lively metropolises, green countryside and impressive coasts
  • The highlights of a round trip in the north of Ireland:
    Belfast, the Giant's Causeway and Glenveagh National Park
  • Discover Ireland:
    On the way with the rented car or motorhome as well as on bus round trip

Round trips in Ireland

Charming and full of magic: Ireland

On the Road in Ireland:
Enjoy the diversity of a round trip

There is probably no better opportunity than to get to know the beauty and diversity of Ireland on a round trip. Explore the Emerald Isle during an individual tour and decide what you want to see and experience: Is it the classic city trip to the capital Dublin followed by a beach vacation at Councillors Beach in Dunmore, or maybe an active trip with extensive hikes and bike rides through the nature parks, or rather a romantic trip through idyllic villages and mystical places with overnight stays in stylish manor houses and converted castles?

Experience varied travel moments and put together your dream vacation conveniently and easily yourself: Choose from different travel modules and thus always have the exact overview of your vacation budget. Book your flight from Germany and decide already now for the suitable accommodations along your travel route, so that you can start relaxed and full of anticipation into the vacation. If a place particularly appeals to you, decide spontaneously to stay there longer and change your round trip at short notice without having to consider others. Browse our attractive flight and hotel offers for Ireland and maybe even make a real bargain with discount promotions, early booking benefits or last minute offers. Get inspired by our ready-made itineraries or opt for an organized round trip through the magical country on the Atlantic Ocean.

Ireland round trips lighthouse

Travel.en: So that your round trip does not become an odyssey.

From Dublin to the south of Ireland and back:
Lively metropolises, green countryside and impressive coasts

A colorful mixture of lively metropolises, green countryside, lonely villages and breathtaking coastlines await you on a round trip through the south of Ireland. Get to know nature and culture as well as the warmth and openness of the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle.

Start in Dublin and explore the highlights of the capital such as the Guinness Storehouse or the St. Patrick's Cathedral, go shopping and spend the evening in the famous cultural center Temple Bar, the tourist mile with museums, pubs, restaurants and markets. An attraction for young and old is the Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park. Continue along the coast to Waterford, one of the oldest cities in the country, to Cork, for example. Every year in autumn the Cork Jazz Festival takes place, where you can feel the drinking and music culture of the Irish. Via the panoramic coast road Ring of Kerry the route leads you to the Killarney National Park, where plants, trees, lakes and waterfalls promise pure nature. Spend relaxing days at the beach, travel further north to Galway or take the route back to Dublin.

A Guiness in Dublin is always a good start for an Ireland round trip

A Guiness in Dublin is always a good start to a round trip of Ireland.

The highlights of an Ireland round trip in the north:
Belfast, the Giant's Causeway and Glenveagh National Park

Every country and every itinerary has its own highlights and advantages. With the capital Dublin, the coastal road Ring of Kerry, the 2500 kilometer long Wild Atlantic Way and the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland's most famous steep cliffs, are already the first of the country's most popular attractions named.

On a round trip through Northern Ireland, the capital Belfast is one of the "Must sees". Visit the Titanic Museum, Belfast City Hall and enjoy the open-hearted life and Irish charm. But also Achill Island, the cliffs of Slieve League, the Glenveagh National Park and the Giant's Causeway are attractions that you should not miss on a round trip through Ireland.

Discover the area around Belfast in Ireland

Discover the area around Belfast!

Discover Ireland:
On the way with a rental car or motorhome as well as on a round trip by bus

Travel flexibly and independently through Ireland, start when and where you want and stay as long as you like in places or orientate yourself on an already compiled car tour of a tour operator. Book a rental car for your round trip or save on accommodation costs with a comfortable motorhome to explore the country. If you are looking for pure adventure, you might consider an exciting motorcycle tour, where you can experience the feeling of freedom first hand.

A bus tour through Ireland is interesting for you if you prefer to travel in a group and have a local guide at your side: Enjoy the comfort of mostly very luxurious buses, often stay in exclusive accommodations, usually visit the absolute highlights of the country, often even learn insider tips from a competent tour guide and, above all, experience everything with like-minded people, so you can quickly make new acquaintances.

The Cliffs of Mother in Ireland

The Cliffs of Mother in Ireland

Adventure Ireland round trip booking at attractive prices

Dive into the land of myths, fairies and elves and explore Europe's Emerald Isle on a round trip. Enjoy Irish flair in metropolises like Dublin or Belfast, walk in the footsteps of mysterious stories in historic castles or let yourself be enchanted by the impressive nature. Book with your roundtrip to Ireland at irresistible prices and combine city trip with beach vacation or active trip with relaxation in nature. Experience vacation diversity of a special kind and unique travel moments as a family, as a couple or on a singles trip.

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