Panama Tips: Country between two seas

Vacationers with higher expectations are often looking for a special destination. One country that meets this criterion is Panama. The state in Central America lies between two oceans and is home to an impressively diverse array of flora and fauna. As a travel destination, however, Panama is still largely unknown. This fact is exactly what makes the tropical vacation country so appealing. Here are the best Panama tips.

Dream beaches, tropical rainforest and impressive wildlife

When talking about Panama, the 82 kilometer long Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, is mentioned above all. However, this enormously important shipping route is not the only thing that makes the Central American state so worth seeing. The location between two seas provides Panama with many kilometers of coastline and beautiful beaches. The national territory also includes a large number of islands, many of which are completely uninhabited. Pleasant temperatures averaging 25 to 27 degrees Celsius during the day, a varied vegetation as well as dream beaches for swimming and water sports provide variety during your Panama vacation.

Panama tips: Go for a travel combo

If you want to combine sightseeing and a beach vacation in Central America, you can do so during a combined trip. A travel combination is a combination of a round trip and a subsequent stay at a beach hotel. Combination trips can often be found with providers who specialize in this form of travel, such as Combi . A travel combination usually includes a return flight, a round trip with a local guide and a subsequent stay in a beach hotel. As a rule, all trips and transfers are included in the travel package.

Panama Tips

Panama City: Must experience

The modern capital of Panama, Panama City, is located on the Pacific Ocean. Panama City is the only capital city in the world to have a piece of tropical rainforest within the city limits. Famous sights of the metropolis in the middle of the jungle are the old town quarter Casco Viejo, the Catedrale BasIlica Metropolitana as well as the Panama Canal Museum. In the small streets of the old town, which are lined with colorful colonial buildings, you will find a variety of interesting photo motifs. To make Internet use via smartphone and laptop more secure, VPN programs are also often used in tourism. When taking photos with your cell phone, be sure to use the right camera settings.

Spectacular trails through the jungle

Generally the entry to Panama is possible without any problems. In order to get through the security checks at the airport faster, it is important to pack your hand luggage correctly and to observe all relevant rules. Regardless of whether your Panama trip is a business trip or a vacation, light gymnastic exercises that you can do on the plane or in your hotel room can help you stay fit on the road.

Panama offers not only beautiful beaches, but also spectacular hiking trails through the jungle. Deep green jungle vegetation can be discovered in the area around the small town of Boquete. Often seemingly impassable paths lead through tropical forests, hiding waterfalls and a rich flora and fauna. The Central American country is a year-round destination. The best time to visit is between November and May, when the dry season prevails, temperatures range from a pleasant 22 to 32 degrees and you can expect 6 to 9 hours of sunshine a day. Basically Panama trips are also possible during the rainy season. While it is generally more humid on the Caribbean side, Panama City usually has only short rain showers.

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