Lusatian Lakeland: 22 relaxing activities, discoveries and favorite places between water & Wide

Strictly speaking, the Lusatian Lakeland didn't exist in this form a few years ago, because there simply weren't any lakes or. only small lakes and waters.

Have you ever heard of the Lusatian Lakeland, the Lusatian Lake District or the Lusatian Chain of Lakes??

The Lusatian Lakeland: Holidays between Berlin and Dresden

Once brown coal was mined in today's Lusatian Lakeland. But these times are over – because now a special change takes place there in a part of Brandenburg and Saxony. Europe's largest man-made water landscape will be created between Berlin and Dresden.

Altogether this new special vacation region contains after completion more than 40 lakes – approximately 20 of it completely again flooded around the former brown coal holes a new task to supply. In between canals, fascinating witnesses of the lignite industrial culture, lush green forests, numerous partly even artistic lookout towers – the landmarks – and inspiring to fairytale-like parks.

Lusatian Lakeland

Lakes in Lusatia: A whole new vacation region

The Lusatian lakes offer many possibilities for a lot of activities. There are beautiful bike paths along the water's edge, small harbors with newly developed promenade sections, opportunities for boat charters, canoe, kayak and SUP's or swimming spots, water fun sports like water skiing and jet skiing, wakeboarding and many other recreational experiences.

We spent almost a week together as a family in the Lusatian Lake District. I would like to introduce you to a few of our activities and discoveries for leisure time below. I would like to whet your appetite for a vacation region that is still completely unknown to many people.

#1 Bicycle tour through the Senftenberg lake district

If you like to get on your bike, the Lusatian Lakeland is just the right place for you. Flat land and relaxed bike routes, along the shore and through the forests and meadows – simply wonderful.

For this slow-travel pleasure there are numerous different bike trails and so you can theoretically be on the road for days in the region and you always discover new routes.

In between just cool down at a bathing place in one of the numerous lakes, climb here and there one of the lookout towers and enjoy a picnic in the shade of the cool forests. Those who cycle in the Lusatian Lakeland have the choice between eleven lake circuits, seven long-distance cycle paths and also thematic day tours such as from miner to sailor.

There are several possibilities to rent bicycles. We rented our bikes on the shore of the Senftenberg Lake. In the region you will also find over 50 bicycle-friendly beds& Bike accommodations and hosts who also rent bikes.

Lake Senftenberg bike tour

#2 Special contemporary witnesses like the F60> Top sights in the Lusatian Lakeland

The F60 is considered the lying Eiffel Tower in Lusatia. During my trip through the Elbe Elster Land I heard for the first time about this gigantic witness of time. 11.000 tons in weight, 200 meters wide, around 500 meters long and 80 meters high, the colossus in the south of Brandenburg can be seen from far away.

In 1992 the giant was decommissioned and fortunately saved from what was actually planned scrapping. The result is a special place of experience. For today, exciting guided tours and walking tours are offered on the F60.

There is even the possibility to experience and enjoy a romantic dinner on the spectacular visitor mine. In case it may be something very special for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary.

You want to include the F60 in your bike tour? The following cycle paths pass by the F60: Furst-Puckler Cycle Path, Coal Wind and Water Tour and the Lower Lusatian Mining Tour.

Impressive F60 at the Bergheider Lake in the Elbe-Elster Land

#3 Lauchhammer bio towers – a futuristic sight

The bio towers Lauchhammer offer a bizarre picture and immediately one wonders what the task of these towers was and what this has to do with bio?

A total of 24 towers made of clinker stone rise into the blue sky as we arrive at the bio towers. They are the remains of a huge coking plant. It was the first of its kind in the world. Every day they processed lignite at high temperatures to coke and only with that could finally be melted the iron from mining.

Today this almost unrealistic looking place serves as a location for events and exhibitions and of course guided tours are also offered. But also from the outside the sight is quite impressive. Right next door is the park of mining relics – this one is also worth one or more looks.

You want to include the Lauchhammer bio towers in your bike tour? They are located along the following routes: Prince Puckler Cycle Route and Coal Wind and Water Tour.

#4 Krabat Mill – fabulous search for clues

We were particularly looking forward to the next stop as a family, because we not only watched the story of Krabat together as a family as a film, but the offspring also read and discussed the magical saga of Krabat in school lessons.

The Krabat mill in Schwarzkollm is an exciting excursion destination. You have the opportunity to take a look at the film set, to wander through the rooms of the mill and of course to take in the history once again.

In the neighboring buildings there is a museum with interesting exhibits about the Sorbian history and a gastronomic business. Be sure to try the legendary black ice cream produced in the region here. Mill barn, bakehouse and also the miller's tower round off the exciting adventure area. In the summer there are regular cinema performances or the Krabat Festival in the courtyard of the Erlebnishof.

Behind the farm a path leads into the forest. Here the Krabat adventure trail runs through swamp-like meadows, over narrow paths and past the burial places of the miller boys from the saga. The adventure trail offers an exciting fairytale-like circular path past various stations of the Krabat saga.

KRABAT mill Schwarzkollm

#5 Lookout towers in the Lusatian Lakeland

I am very fascinated when a region reinvents itself attractively as a vacation region. I was already enthusiastic about the new use of the old slagheaps in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is visually underpinned by the erection of the slagheap signs.

The Lusatian Lakeland was also once a mining region and is now undergoing a very vivid, elaborate and fascinating transformation. Visually, this is of course also noticeable through the lakes and in addition, special landmarks are created in many places. Landmarks in the form of already existing industrial monuments with only new use and installation of impressive observation towers.

From above you can get a good view of the new landscaping and the striking transformation of the region.

Currently you can find 20 of these viewpoints in the Lusatian Lakeland. We also climbed some of them during our round trip along the Lusatian Lake District to capture the changing landscape from a different perspective.

Our top 5 viewpoints in the Lusatian Lakeland: F60, Rostiger Nagel, Steinitzer Treppe, Aussichtsturm Senftenberger See and Welzower Fenster.

Lusatian Lakeland Landmarks

#6 Bathing in the Lusatian Lake

I admit, the headline is of course not quite right, because in the Lusatian Lakeland there is not only one lake. Thus you have the agony of choice between some idyllic bathing lakes, relaxed bathing beaches, beach baths and nature-oriented open-air swimming pools.

The good thing about a bicycle tour or even a hike in the Lusatian Lakeland is the fact that there is always a lake nearby to cool off on hot summer days.

If you ask us now, however, which bathing beach or bathing lake is the most beautiful, then we must disappoint you, because we cannot and do not want to make this decision.

Lusatian Lake District Swimming Lake

#7 Picnic by the lake

We love to be out in nature as a family. Especially pedaling on the saddle of a bike and letting the landscape glide slowly past you is what we like best. In the Lusatian Lakeland, many discoveries and relaxing activities can be wonderfully combined with a bicycle tour.

This also includes an enjoyable picnic. But you will find a lot of idyllic places at the Lusatian Lake District. Be it an official resting place below a lookout tower, on one of the white beaches or on moss-covered forest floor.

Lusatian Lakeland

#8 Sunset at the lake

I love sunsets and sunrises. The moment when the day blurs with the night or vice versa. Who has been traveling with me more often, knows that I also like to get up early in the morning to experience a perfect sunrise and capture it as a photo for eternity.

As you can imagine, you will find a lot of sunset and sunrise hotspots at the Lusatian Lake Chain. Just take a backpack full of goodies and enjoy the last rays of sun over the lakeland. Or have you ever taken a bath at sunrise or sunset??

Lusatian Lakeland sunset

#9 Water Sports Park Lake Senftenberg

When we are on the road as a family, we of course always need some very special action highlights to keep the budding teenagers happy. During our bicycle tour around the Senftenberg lake we therefore made a stop at the water sports park.

Who now thinks, such a thing is only something for families – is wrong. We have raved together for an hour on the course, which was really not so easy to master in parts. By the way, to get to the course you have to swim across first.

All in all a lot of fun!

Attention: There are no changing rooms or lockable boxes for valuables at the water sports park.

Lake Senftenberg water park

#10 Traditional wine growing& Visit to the vineyard in Lusatia

Many people do not know that the region has traditionally once grown wine. Exactly these traditions are being cultivated again in the last years. In addition I went already on my journey in the Elbe Elster country on trace search.

One of these vineyards is located at the former open pit mine Meuro. Visitors have the possibility to take part in a guided tour through the vineyard and of course in a wine tasting on site. By the way, the winegrower family also tells something about the history, the tradition, the good conditions in the region for winegrowing and also the future of winegrowing in Lower Lusatia.

#11 Hoyerswerda& Senftenberg

If you like small cute towns, you will also find them in the Lusatian Lakeland. Our special tip for a little city stroll are the cities of Hoyerswerda and Senftenberg.

Senftenberg is a recognized resort town, but at first glance it seems a bit sleepy. The city advertises with the slogan "Experience, enjoy and shop". During a walk through the town you can have a look at the Wendish church or the town hall. The small alleys seem a bit dreamy and cozy. Senftenberg Castle is now home to a museum with an art collection that is considered an insider tip. Also a side trip to the garden city Marga – built in art nouveau style in the district Brieske – is well worthwhile.

Also in Hoyerswerda you will find a castle, which was originally built in the 13th century. The castle was built as a moated castle in the 18th century. The building was extensively renovated in 1990. It is under monument protection and accommodates today a museum. Relaxing in the Jurgen-von-Woyski-Park in the old town of Hoyerswerda. A special eye-catcher is again the sculpture garden on Albert-Einstein-Strasse. Hoyerswerda also has a weather tip: the ZCOM Zuse Computer Museum or you can pay a visit to the former briquette factory. Since 2020, the Knappenrode energy factory has served as a museum. Here you can follow the history of mining and the development of the Lusatian Lakeland in a pictorial and informative way.

Hoyerswerda Lusatian Lakeland

#12 Rakotz bridge in the park in Kromlau

If you are traveling in the Lusatian Lakeland, you should also pay a visit to one of the most popular photo motifs from Germany. The legendary Rakotz Bridge in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau. The imposing arch bridge was built between 1866 and 1875 – it is also known as the Devil's Bridge. In the last few years the bridge was extensively renovated.

If you are already there and have all the pictures of the Rakotzbrucke in the box, then take a little more time for a walk through the park and discover the other beautiful corners of the area such as the castle Kromlau, the sweet Kavaliershaus and the numerous idyllic walking and hiking trails through the park.

By the way, access to the park is free of charge around the clock.

Rakotz Bridge

#13 Prince Puckler Park in Bad Muskau

Not far from the Kromlau Azalea and Rhododendron Park, another hotspot in the region is the pretty town of Bad Muskau with its impressive Prince Puckler Park. For this destination you can easily take a whole day.

The special thing about the Furst Puckler Park is the fact that this park stretches over a part of Germany and Poland. Miles of walking and hiking trails crisscross the park and invite you to relaxed discovery tours. The park has a total area of over 800 hectares, making it in fact the largest English-style landscape park in Central Europe. The park is named after its creator Prince von Puckler-Muskau. By the way, until our visit, I was only familiar with the name for an ice-cream roll, which was always served as a special dessert after lunch on Sundays when I was a child.

By the way, the park with its castles, orangery, bridges and beautifully laid out flowerbeds is a World Heritage Site and one of the few transnational World Heritage Sites.

Bad Muskau itself is a state-approved health resort with a peat spa. The city is located just like the park on the border with Poland and so the course of the city is also almost imperceptibly on the other bank of the Neisse, with the Polish neighboring town of Leknica (Lugknitz). A visit to the Furst Puckler Park can be wonderfully combined with a walk through Bad Muskau.

Fuerst Pueckler Park Lusatian Lakeland

#14 UNESCO Global Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen / Łuk Mużakowa

And there is another park in the Lusatian Lakeland that deserves more attention – the UNESCO Global Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen. The Geopark stretches across part of Brandenburg and Saxony in Germany and further into the Lubuskie Voivodeship in Poland.

Numerous hiking, walking and biking trails run through this uniquely beautiful landscape. For hiking fans definitely a real Eldorado.

A special tip is the about eight kilometers long fairy tale forest round hiking trail. A good starting point is the bridge over the river Neibe in Pusack. From there it goes through fairy-tale mysterious forests, through the wolf gorge to the goat farm (in the season with cheese tasting).

Muskau Arc

#15 Hiking Lakes Lusatia: There is much to discover

While we are talking about hiking tours and hiking regions, I would like to point out once again that the Lusatian Lakeland has a lot to offer.

A few small hiking recommendations you have surely already discovered in the last tips. But the Lusatian Lakeland can of course do much more here. How about a tour through the Steinitz Alps, the Kaltenborn Mountains or a tour through the Bucksche Schweiz – representative for many, many other idyllic and beautiful hiking routes in the Lusatian Lakeland.

Hiking Lusatian Lakeland

#16 Wellness in the Lusatian Lakeland

When traveling, a little wellness and relaxation is not to be missed. Therefore my bikini belongs in my suitcase basically to the basic luggage. Also in the Lusatian Lakeland you have the possibility to enjoy the wellness feeling. There are certainly a few wellness hotels but also adventure pools in the region.

The sauna& Lauchhammer leisure pool with sauna landscape provides some relaxing moments. In addition to the water landscape, a colorful portfolio of sweat rooms awaits you in the sauna area: vitamin sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath and heat relaxation pools heat up properly and invite you to spend relaxing moments.

We would also like to mention the sauna world in the Lausitzbad Hoyerswerda in the same breath. The lovingly designed sauna village with rustic log cabins provides wellness de luxe. Four Finnish saunas, an earth sauna with a fireplace, three low-temperature saunas, a steam bath and an infrared cabin will certainly make sure of that. Massages and beauty treatments complete the offer in the Lausitzbad Hoyerswerda.

Wellness trends

#17 Off to the water

So many lakes of course invite you to go directly to sea. Of course there are also a lot of possibilities in the Lusatian Lake District. Whether houseboat, house raft, on a sailing ship or by excursion boat – it is always worthwhile to discover the view of the Lusatian Lakeland from the perspective of the water.

Some of the lakes are connected by small canals. You can find marinas in the following lakes: Senftenberger See, Barwalder See and in Geierswalder See. Excursion boats, in turn, dock in the Senftenberg Lake and in the Geierswalder Lake.

You would like to rent a boat. Motorboat rental is offered on the Senftenberg Lake, the Geierswalde Lake and the Barwalde Lake.

You can book rafts with or without overnight stay at the Senftenberger See.

Lake Senftenberg

#18 Tracing Sorbian heritage

The region of today's Lusatian Lakeland looks back on a Sorbian heritage. The homeland of the Sorbs, by the way the smallest Slavic people, lies between the Spreewald and a part of the Upper Lusatia, on both sides of the river Spree.

You can recognize the region by the bilingual place and street signs. Because even today the Sorbs still maintain their old traditions and language. The Sorbs have a long tradition in their approximately 1.500 years of settlement left some unique traces in the region. Traditional crafts and dances, choirs, furnishings or even special festivals.

The most famous figure of the Sorbian fairy tale and legend world is certainly Krabat. He has spent most of his life around Hoyerswerda. Some museums in the region offer insights into the Sorbian culture.

Sorbian Heritage Lusatian Lakeland

#19 Kamenz Lessingstadt

In the direct neighborhood is the Lessing town of Kamenz. If you are traveling in the Lusatian Lakeland for a longer period of time, a day trip to the city is definitely worthwhile, because you should simply take at least one day for Kamenz. Take a stroll through the old town, climb at least one of the three lookout towers and take a look at the city from above. Try the Kamenz sausage or a Lessing tartlet, made of light and dark sponge cake filled with vanilla cream and cherry.

#20 Bautzen – the historical capital of Upper Lusatia

Another city worth seeing in the region is the historic Bautzen and not only because it is known as the home of the Bautzner mustard. We first came to the city by chance a few years ago and were immediately taken with it. Bautzen is framed by an old city wall. The cityscape is loosened up by medieval fortified towers and the churches in Bautzen.

Tip: There is a youth hostel in one of the towers of the old city wall. There you can spend the night in an inexpensive and original way.


#21 Beelitz Heilstatten where tree and time meet

Strictly speaking, our last excursion tip does not necessarily belong to the Lusatian Lakeland. It lies much more in the foothills of the Flaming in southern Brandenburg. is really very special and therefore must not be missing in our tips. The Beelitz Heilstatten with the spectacular tree-top walk represent a very special place.

Once a pulmonary sanitarium, later a military hospital and still later more of a lost place. The imposing site looks back on an interesting history and that unites today under the merger Baum& Time.

Walk above the old buildings and treetops or even have a look at the ruins. The Beelitz Heilstatten fascinate. Even as a film set the impressive buildings have already served. Whether in Detlev Buck's film "Mannerpension" or "Operation Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer and also episodes of the ZDF series "Das Adlon" have been filmed in the former rooms and buildings – just to name a few films.

Beelitz sanatoriums tree& Time, road to Fichtenwalde 13, 14547 Beelitz-Heilstatten – More information about the facility, prices and opening hours HERE.

Treetop path Beelitz Heilstaetten

#22 Our tip for a hotel in the Lusatian Lakeland

For our trip through the Lusatian Lakeland we booked the ACHAT Hotel Schwarzheide Lausitz. The small town Schwarzheide is not far away from the lake Senftenberg. Quickly reachable are also famous destinations around like the Saxon Switzerland or the Spreewald.

As a family we especially liked the hotel rooms with connecting door and of course also the other various possibilities the hotel offers. The hotel has a good restaurant – for us always decisive, because we as a family often spend the evening in the hotel. Even a gym and a sauna with roof terrace are part of the equipment of the cozy city hotel.

As a traveling family we always welcome the possibility to park for free. This is also given in the ACHAT Hotel Schwarzheide. All in all, the hotel offers a really good starting point for adventurous excursions in the region – but in return also a well-equipped place to stay to relax in the evening or to start a new adventurous day after a good breakfast.

Just opposite the hotel there is also the brand outlet Schwarzheide. Here you will find well-known brands like: Nike, Schiesser, Cecil, Street One, Tom Tailor, Mustang, S. Oliver or also a Lindt chocolate store.

ACHAT Hotel Schwarzheide Lausitz: Ruhlander Str. 75, 01987 Schwarzheide // +49 (0) 35752 84 0 //

*Disclosure: For the overnight stay at the ACHAT Hotel Schwarzheide, we were provided with the ACHAT summer flat rate in summer. With it we could stay overnight free of charge. all other services (restaurant, entrance fees, bike rental etc.) are free of charge.) we have financed ourselves. We could choose our destinations ourselves. All our experiences, tips and recommendations are therefore (as always) absolutely authentic.

Lusatian Lakeland vacation: Is a trip to the Lusatian Lakeland worthwhile?

We find it very exciting to discover still unknown travel regions in Germany. We liked the Lusatian Lakeland very much, because it offers a great leisure factor for families. In addition, we are fascinated and excited by how the region is currently reinventing and redesigning itself.

We can highly recommend a trip to the Lusatian Lakeland also because of the good location and quick access to other more famous destinations in the region such as the Elbstandsteingebirge or also the Spreewald.

Lusatian Lakeland Map

For a better overview I have added a "Lusatian Lakeland Map" for you. In this Lusatian Lakeland map not only the destinations and places directly in the Lusatian Lakeland are drawn in. You will also find information about the travel region Spreewald and Saxon Switzerland.

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