Local secrets

Do you want to escape the usual sightseeing and get to know the lifestyle of the locals during your vacation? Then this list is for you. Whether it's an orchestra performance in the park, sunbathing on the beaches of Nida and Palanga, or exploring secret places you won't find on any map. Follow the advice and tips of local experts!

Park of Melnragė

A place that attracts all sea lovers – no matter if it's summer or autumn. The park of Melnragė is a modern and very popular place among the locals, where many activities are waiting for you: fun playgrounds for children, sun loungers for adults or picnic tables for large groups. On the attached information boards you can learn more about the peculiarities of the coastal flora and fauna.

Breakwater (pier)

Vėtros str. 9, Klaipėda

The stone breakwater has much more to offer than its name suggests: A gorgeous view of sunsets as well as a footpath that leads directly to the breakwater and the beautiful sandy beach. Also you will find here two very popular cafes – Ateik Ateik (Come) and Baltas Ruonis (White Seal). Be sure to book in advance here!

Gastrobar "Senamiestis

Kepėjų str. 13, Klaipėda

"Senamiestis" is the only bar in the old town of Klaipėda where you can find the popular snack called Old Town Fingers (like mozzarella sticks, but better). After a long walk through the old town with all its facets, you should definitely make a short stop here and try the delicious cheese bites!

Defense ramparts& Island of St. John's Hill

Grįzgatvio str. 4, Klaipėda 91286

When you visit Klaipėda, you will still see the defensive ramparts from the 18th century. Century catch the eye, which surround the city. One of them is the so-called "Island of St. John's Hill" – the favorite place of the townspeople for a break or a meeting with friends. The weir embankment has been recently renovated and now offers a green area and an amphitheater for events or evening movie screenings.

Hiking trails

Giruliai – Melnragė, Klaipėda

If you are looking for peace and harmony in nature, the hiking trails in and around Klaipėda belong on the top of your vacation list. The main hiking trail here is especially popular with cyclists, roller skaters, joggers and fitness enthusiasts. From the summer stage you can get to Giruliai on paved roads in about half an hour. Although it is a mixed forest, the large, fragrant pines give the park a peaceful vacation atmosphere.

Kretinga Museum

Vilniaus str. 20, Kretinga

The manor house of the TiškeviCiai counts and the surrounding park are the jewels of the town of Kretinga. The neoclassical mansion houses the town museum and large archaeological and artistic collections. Gourmets and foodies should visit the former farm building, where you can bake traditional bread or taste homemade caramel from the confectionery factory. The winter garden of the manor house is closed for renovation works.

Franciscan Monastery& Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Vilniaus str. 2, Kretinga

A legend says that the Swedes gave the famous war leader J. K. ChodkeviCius before an important battle promised to build a church in Kretinga if he was victorious. The battle was won, but Kretinga received only a small wooden church. ChodkeviCius was indignant and complained – the church should be more magnificent and made of bricks! Soon a brick church was built on the other side of the Akmena river. Today, the Franciscan monastery and the ensemble of church buildings are located in this place. Still well preserved, today it is one of the oldest churches in Samogitia and fascinates with Gothic and Renaissance elements. Inside, there is an altar to the miraculous St. Antony.

Park of Baltic mythology

Sausdravai village, Kretinga district municipality

In this mysterious mythological park near Darbėnai, you will get acquainted with the mystical life of the ancient Baltic tribes and meet the deities of the pagan pantheon on winding paths. Here you can not only experience the connection between man and nature, but you can also hear it. Let us surprise you!

Outcrop of DauginCiai

DauginCiiai village, Kretinga district municipality

The DauginCiai outcrop and the "Šilpelkė" adventure trail are located in the nearby forest in a bend of the Minija River. The path runs over a high slope and leads to one of the largest outcrops on the coast with a width of 44 meters and a height of up to 22 meters. This place offers you a beautiful panorama of the river bend and the old valley. Residents also call this place the "Lithuanian Switzerland". Next to the outcrop are the northernmost hornbeam forests in the country.

Castle hill of Kartena

Kartena, district of Kartena, Kretinga rayon municipality

If you pass through Kartena, on the other side of the Minija River you should climb the castle hill – formerly the center of the country "Ceklis" and also known as Sweden or Luzties hill. From the top you have a beautiful view of the town. According to the legend, there was once a castle here, inhabited by the prince of Samogitia and often besieged by enemy troops.

Beaches of Neringa

Nida, Preila, Pervalka and Juodkrantė

The towns along the Baltic coast have countless beaches where you can sunbathe, swim, play sports or spend your free time as you please. The beaches and the sea water are particularly clean and therefore very popular among the locals.


Nida, Preila, Pervalka, Juodkrantė

If you like to be out in nature on two wheels, then you should start your vacation by the sea with a bike ride across the Curonian Spit. On a route of 52 km, a picturesque cycling path leads you across the entire peninsula and through the nature reserve. In the fishing villages of Smiltynė, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila and Nida you can always take a break and enjoy the impressions over a cup of coffee or tea.

Smoked fish

Naglių str. 6-1, Nida, Neringa

Smoked fish is inseparable from the traditional cuisine of the locals. If you want to try dried or smoked fish according to the old Curonian tradition, visit the street snack bar "Tik pas Joną".

"Zuikio darzas"

Nidos-Smiltynės pl. 7a, Nida 93122

The outdoor bar, restaurant and music venue are a real cultural phenomenon. However, the "hare garden" is known for its unique, experimental design, which changes with each season of the year. If you want to experience Nida from the locals' point of view, come by and enjoy an excellent pizza and kombucha while being illuminated by a disco ball with colored lights.


Naglių str. 18b, Nida 93123

The bar "Kaštonas" is the place for a delicious sandwich. But it is not only the food that attracts you here, but also the regular live events that like to go on until dawn. When it gets crowded at "Kaštonas", locals just sit comfortably on the sidewalk and enjoy a cool drink. Join us!

Visit one of 100 restaurants& Cafés

J. BasanaviCiaus str., Palanga

Good food is an important part of a successful vacation – and that is a fact! Both guests and locals are often surprised by the amount of different restaurants and cafes in the summer capital. By the way, the resort is the new mecca for unique restaurants catered by the country's top chefs. Find your new favorite place!

Surfing& Beach walks

Palanga beach, Palanga

Do you ever wonder how the people of Palanga spend their evenings?? You won't believe it, but some even forget that they have the sea on their doorstep! But even they would recommend you to enjoy the soft sandy beach, pleasant breeze, high dunes and waves of the Baltic Sea at any time of the day or night.

With bicycles from Palanga to Šventoji or Klaipėda

Palanga, Šventoji – Klaipėda

Any coastal resident will tell you that biking is one of the best ways to explore the Baltic Sea coastline. Fortunately, Palanga is a true paradise in this respect, as there are numerous bike paths along the coast with a total length of dozens of kilometers. The resort is also a good starting point if you want to visit Latvia or Šventoji. Looking south, you will reach the port town of Klaipėda. The way also leads to Vydmantai, where you can buy smoked fish or enjoy yourself in the restaurant "HBH" in the village of zibininkai.

Come and enjoy the orchestra in Birutė Park

Rotunda of the Birutė Park

From June to August, classical music lovers are invited to a concert of the Palanga Orchestra. Surrounded by nature, in the rotunda of Birutė Park, the resort offers popular and original brass music for visitors free of charge.

Amber collecting on the beach

Palanga beach, Palanga

To find amber, you can go to the stores on catch or on the beach itself in search of it. It takes patience, a keen eye and the right weather – preferably after a storm, as the layers at the bottom of the Baltic Sea are stirred up and wash the jewel onto the beach. You will not be alone. Many gold and amber seekers spend hours digging in the flotsam and jetsam, as amber is usually hidden in seaweed, shells or under woods.

Island Rusnė& Uostadvaris Lighthouse

Rusnė, Šilutė district.

Rusnė is one of the oldest settlements of Lithuania Minor in the Nemunas Delta. Famous not only for its beautiful landscape and well-preserved wooden architecture – the island is rightly called the "capital of the most delicious smoked fish". In the years 1873-1876 the lighthouse and the keeper's house of Uostadvaris were built in front of the mouth of the Minija river. Today it is a maritime monument, which is no longer used for navigation, but offers you a great view of the Rusnė and Minija surroundings.

Church& Park in Švėkšna

BaznyCios Str. 1, Švėkšna, 99381 Šilutė rayon municipality

Švėkšna is a town rich in history with two sights: the highest two-towered brick church in the region (65 meters high) and the park of Count Plateris from the 19th century. The island of Rusnė with a magnificent lime tree avenue, the Genovaitė villa, romantic ponds and sculptures. The town fascinates even filmmakers and should impress you with its vacation tranquility, culture and diverse architecture.

Adventure trail "Aukštumala

Vabalai, Šilutės r.

The 2.4 kilometer long path winds through the Aukštumala biosphere reserve and nature reserve, which resembles a jungle. On the one-lane wooden trail with 11 stations and information stands you will learn more about the local bog and the surrounding flora and fauna, which consists of endangered species of animals and plants. A truly great place to take photos of the untouched nature.

Small port of Šilutė

Uosto str. 9, Šilutė

The small harbor of the village Šilutė is located on the bank of the river Šyša – a wonderful alternative if you want to escape the tourist hustle and bustle and enjoy seclusion. In the harbor you can take a ferry to Nida or explore the shore of the Curonian Spit on your own with a rented boat. For a rest, visit the café "Vasaros terasa", which is open during the season in the harbor.

Windenburg Corner

Marių str. 24, Ventė

Take an interest in the kings of the air? Then off to the Windenburger Eck bird sanctuary! Next to the modern visitor center, the museum will give you more information about this historical place where birds have been ringed, birds have been studied and birds have been observed for much longer than 1929. Don't forget your binoculars and camera!

American Indian village "Vinetu

Šlikių Str. 63, village Šlikiai, county Kretingalė

Feel like adventure and unusual entertainments? Then you should visit the village and open-air museum "Vinetu", near Kretingalė the municipality of Klaipėda. In the middle of the picturesque valley of the Dangė and Akmena rivers, the traditions of North American natives are preserved. The place is made authentic by the many Indian tents, wooden houses, traditional drums and mystical death pillars reaching for the sky. Besides accommodation, the village also offers healthy food, saunas and creative courses for adults and children.

Wellness trails in Karklė

Natural exercise, light activities and rest for body and mind are guaranteed by the wellness paths of Karklė. If you are interested in pleasant walks through untouched Baltic nature, there is not one but 4 routes with a total length of up to 15 kilometers: the red route "Karklė" (4 km), the yellow route "Olando Kepurė" (3.5 km), the blue route "Kalotė" (4.5 km) and the green route "Didziosios Svejonės" (3,3 km). You will be accompanied by motivational signs indicating how many calories you have burned.

Workshops in the handicraft center of Veivirzėnai

Mokyklos str. 2-2, Veivirzėnai

Klaipėda means not only beach, sea or harbor. You can use your time here in other ways. The region is characterized by an expressive history and traditional crafts, which have been cultivated here for many years. You are welcome to attend the workshops at the craft center where you can learn more about soap making, rush weaving, leather working or even bread baking.

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