In the Lufthansa Airbus A380 to Tokyo

At the end of June 2012, I flew with the Lufthansa A380 to Tokyo, on the way there in Business Class, on the way back in Economy Class. The flight was part of an informational trip to Japan, u.a. hosted by Lufthansa.

Reducing waiting time in the Frankfurt Business Class Lounge

After arrival of my connecting flight from Hamburg I met my fellow travelers in the Business Class Lounge at the departure gate. Comfortable lounge furniture and a small buffet as well as a selection of drinks shortened the time until takeoff.
Business class guests can go directly from the lounge to the gangway. The entire Business Class (98 seats) is located on the upper deck, together with the First Class consisting of eight seats. The lower deck of the Lufthansa Airbus A380 can accommodate 420 people.

Pleasant travel in the Lufthansa A380 Business Class

The reception at my seat (25 C) was very friendly. My jacket, along with my boarding pass, was taken to the checkroom and I was able to settle into my seat. The first thing I noticed was the very large seat pitch, I could stretch out my legs very well at 1.78 m body height. A screen for the in-flight program is integrated in the front seat, high quality Sennheiser headphones for it can be found in the center bar, in which the table is also hidden. Some kind of remote control to control the in-flight program and the seat is also located in the center bar.

Lufthansa A380 Business Class Lufthansa A380 Business Class seat pitch

The seat can be adjusted as desired. It is very wide and well padded, even has a massage function, which could be a bit stronger to my taste.
For watching a movie the seat can be slightly tilted, for sleeping an almost horizontal position is possible. In order not to slide down while lying down, a small plate can be folded out at the foot end, which provides support. The previously prepared pillow and the warm blanket helped to sleep.

Since the Airbus A380 is very quiet compared to other aircraft, the occasional rustling of other passengers is all the more audible. The earplugs included in the amenity kit were a remedy for that. In addition to earplugs, the amenity kit contains a sleep mask, a lipbalm from Bogner, a toothbrush, toothpaste and warm socks. All this is packed in a small toilet bag in blue-black with "Lufthansa Business Class" button.

The eleven hours to Tokyo went surprisingly fast and very pleasantly. Even before takeoff there was a welcome drink and shortly after very tasty salty almonds.
The menu differentiated between European and Japanese food. I opted for asparagus and chanterelle salad with shrimp for the appetizer and linguini alla genovese for the main course. Wines were offered to match the dishes. Desserts included fruit, lemongrass panna cotta with mango chutney, or a selection of cheeses. Especially the goat cream cheese tasted very good to me.
My seatmate decided for the Japanese meals, which consisted of many small components and were arranged very attractively.
For breakfast the Japanese do not eat much different than for lunch, so I decided again for the European variant. Potato pancakes were accompanied by spinach and scrambled eggs. Various types of bread were available, plus cheese, ham and butter.

Luxury in the A380 First Class

After arriving in Tokyo we had the opportunity to have a look around in A380 First Class. Eight very large and comfortable seats can be extended into a horizontal bed. The service and dining options are even better than in Business Class and also the personal space and storage is more generous.
A small highlight is the washroom. Besides a normal toilet, there is also a urinal and a large washbasin. The room felt more than three times the size of a normal economy class washroom.
A flight in First Class is one of the most comfortable ways to travel.

Generous seat pitch in Economy Class

The return flight in economy class is also recommended. Seating in the lower deck is 3 – 4 – 3, d.h. three seats outside and four inside. I sat on the aisle, the middle seat next to me was free. The seat pitch is generous. I noticed especially positively that there were no footrests under the front seat, so that I could stretch out my legs comfortably.
The entertainment program was a little less extensive than in Business Class and the screen was smaller. In addition to movies, series and music there was a selection of magazines and journals.

The food was available in two different versions, Japanese and European, just like in Business Class. On plastic instead of porcelain and in mass production, nevertheless it tasted good to me and I became full. A snack was offered between the two larger meals and drinks were served at regular intervals.

Fly comfortably with the Lufthansa A380

Whether First Class, Business Class or Economy Class depends of course very much on the personal budget. I can recommend the Lufthansa A380 in all classes. Comfortable seats, tasty food and pleasant service.

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