Four Seasons Hotel Prague – reside kinglike

I check in at the best hotel of the whole Czech Republic, the Four Seasons Hotel Prague.

The upcoming week is planned to live in clover and to be served like a king. And therefore the best place to be is here at the Four Seasons, perfectly situated on river Vltava with the best view ever of Prague Castle.

The hotel and the service

The Four Seasons Prague is among the best accommodations in Europe and is ranked eighth among Europe-wide acknowledged competitions – for good reason.

Already the way to the reception amazes me. The hotel sends a driver to pick me up from the airport and to give me a ride directly to the hotel. As we pass the hotel access, the driver takes his chance to inform the waiting staff about my name by throwing my name tag visibly right behind the front shield. All eyes are fixed on the tag. The first friendly doorman wearing a dark suit is opening the door for me: "Good Morning Mr. Jonny. It's a pleasure to have you here."

The second quickly grabs my suitcase, while the third one opens the next door. The first guy again, overtaking the others inconspicuously, makes a grand gesture to the reception and solemnly announces to three waiting and smiling employees: "THIS is Mr. Jonny". The three guys chorused: "Hello Mr. Jonny, nice to have you here, how was your flight??".

Gosh, I am so important. What's going on here, maybe a mistake?! Actually, this seems to be normal standard over here. In one of the best hotels of this continent you are treated best possible, here you feel like a king being a customer. The hotel works with an employee-guest-ratio of 2.8, which is quite remarkable. Other high-class hotels have one employee taking care of two guests, which makes a quote of 0.5. In the Four Seasons they have three staff members pampering one guest, which is also reflected in the abnormally high standard of service. What's happening here is completely out of this world.

Some time later I leave my room for ca. 30 minutes after having unpacked my suitcase. A freshly-read book is placed on the bed table, the current page nonchalantly marked with a dog-ear..

When I return to my room later on, everything seems to be untouched, except for one small detail: I grab my book and find…a brand new bookmark replacing the former dog-ear, which is properly straightend. During my short time of absence, the staff has placed the bookmark…I'm impressed, again.

Usually, room-maids need about 20-30 minutes to tidy up. The Four Seasons takes its time, which can take up to 2 hours. This is especially caused by the dainty inspection. First the room is made up by the room-maids. Afterwards, the cleaning-inspector will check up again. At last, the work of the cleaning-inspector is controlled by another member of the hotel staff. They are completely mad about cleanliness. The rooms are inspected up to 3 times a day being slightly tidied up time after time as well.

The room

It's a dream. I have got the renaissance king room, which is better appointed than the standard room. The ultra-soft double-king size bed is perfectly made for one or another wildly-jumping-on-the-bed-party, and every hidden pie should be detected immediately. The furnishing is very stylish and on a high level. Every detail is aligned perfectly. A huge candelabrum, wooden panelling and ceiling adornment create a nearly royal ambience. The bathroom crows with bathing tube AND separate shower, the equipment is classy and top-quality. Even shower gel, soap and shampoo are of French noble brand.

This is a picture of the standard room.

The cuisine

The restaurant "Allegro" has a terrace and an interiore room available. They serve a la card, even at breakfast. TOP! They have engaged an Italian chef for the preparation of the meals, who is the only chef among the whole middle- and east European area holding a "Michelin-Star". Therefore it is no wonder, that the "Allegro" has been elected as "Best restaurant in Prague" the eighths time in a row. The menu leaves no wishes unfilled, and the taste of the food can only lead to one judgement: I have never ever eaten such good food in my entire life.

And this fantastic black bred made me happy every morning.

Gym and sauna

In the basement a small fitness gym with treadmills and some fitness equipment can be found, as well as a sauna separating lady's and gent's area and the manicure, pedicure and massage room. Everything also possible in the room. The furnishing is adequate, and for a city hotel, where the guests are expected to spend just a few days to visit, the missing swimming pool is bearable.

Conclusion: Who ever wants to lodge in Prague like in the lap of luxury, should indulge in the Four Seasons Prague. You will definitely not regret it.

For booking, please follow this link to the hotel's website.

and for the germans..

Four Seasons Hotel Prague – royal residence

I check into the best hotel in the whole of the Czech Republic, the Four Seasons Hotel Prague. This week I want to have a good time and be served like a king. Nowhere better than the Four Seasons Hotel Prague. Perfectly located right on the Vltava River with a fantastic view of Prague Castle.

The Hotel – The Service

The Four Seasons Prague is one of the best hotels in Europe and is ranked 8th in Europe – and rightly so. Alone the way to the reception is astonishing. I can be fetched by the hotel-own Limousinenservice by Chauffeur from the airport. When we turn into the hotel driveway, the chauffeur uses the pick-up sign with my name to inform the employees standing in line at the entrance about my name and throws the sign visibly behind the windshield while he parks the car. All eyes are on the sign. The first friendly doorman in a dark suit opens the door for me "Good Morning Mr. Jonny. It's a pleasure to have you here."

The second one grabs my suitcase and the third one opens the door for me "Mr. Jonny" The first of the gentlemen in turn overtakes me inconspicuously from the left, makes a sweeping movement towards the reception, where another 3 employees await me expectantly with a distinguished smile, and solemnly announces. "THIS is Mr. Jonny." All 3 in chorus "Hello Mr. Jonny, nice to have you here, how was your flight?"

Shit, I am important. What's going on, is this a mix-up?! But this is normal standard here. 0815. In one of the best hotels of this continent one is actually treated, as one wishes it actually from each hotel, here the guest is still king. The hotel operates with an employee-guest ratio of 2.8. This is extraordinary. In a normal top class hotel there is one employee for every 2 guests, so a ratio of 0,5. At the Four Seasons, 3 employees take care of one guest. This is clearly noticeable in the abnormally high service standard. What goes on here is out of this world.

I leave my room a short time later for only 30 minutes. I unpack my suitcase and put the book I started on the bedside table. I have marked the page I am currently reading with a dog-ear. When I re-enter the room, everything is unchanged, except for one tiny detail. I grab the book in the evening and find…a bookmark, exactly at the place where my dog-ear has now been lovingly ironed out again. During my short absence, the hotel staff put a bookmark in my book. Much too cool! I am impressed once again.

While the usual cleaning time of a room is usually 10-30 minutes, at the Four Seasons this can take up to 2 hours. This is especially due to the meticulous checks. First the room is cleaned by a cleaner. The work is then thoroughly checked by the cleaning boss. And last but not least, the cleaning boss is checked by another employee of the hotel. The absolute cleanliness madness. Up to 3 times a day the rooms are checked and also in between they are always tidied up.

The room

It is a dream. On the ultra-soft double king-size bed, you can have a bouncy party or two and find any hidden pea you like. The furnishings have style at the highest level and are wonderfully coordinated down to the smallest detail. A fat chandelier, wooden wall paneling and chic ceiling ornaments provide the royal ambience. The bathroom comes up trumps with a bathtub AND a separate shower, the furnishings are classy and of high quality. Even the shower gel, soap and shampoo are from an upscale French brand.

The kitchen

The restaurant Allegro has a terrace and an interior room. Here is served ala Card, even at breakfast. TOP! An Italian celebrity chef was hired to prepare the food. The only chef in the entire Central and Eastern European region to boast a Michelin star. Therefore it does not remain that the "Allegro" already 8 times (!) was named Prague's best restaurant in a row. The menu leaves nothing to be desired and the food itself leaves only one conclusion: I have NEVER eaten so well in my life. And the black toast bread in the morning…the upper hammer!

Fitness room and sauna

In the basement there is a small fitness room with treadmills and some equipment as well as a sauna, separated into men's and women's area and also rooms for manicure, pedicure and massages, which can be booked on request including a massage. Ordering a massage table to your hotel room can be, if decadent, then real. The furnishings are adequate for a city hotel, and considering that you're only spending a few days here for a sightseeing tour of Prague, the lack of a swimming pool is acceptable.

Conclusion: If you want to spend the night like God in France Prague, you should treat yourself to the luxury and stay at the Four Seasons Prague. You will not regret it.

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