E-bike vacation in Germany

Where to go in Germany for an e-bike vacation?

E-bike vacations in Germany are varied: In the north of Germany, it is the flat cycle paths that you can comfortably ride along on an electric bike during your vacation. In the south, it gets steeper in the hilly foothills of the Alps or even in the foothills of the Alps themselves and the nature can be enjoyed from the bike saddle of the ebike especially.

And in between there are many valleys, where the numerous river bike paths allow e-bike tours for several days. Sea, mountains, lakes and valleys – the choice for an e-bike vacation is large!

E-biking by the sea

E-biking in Germany at the sea
Especially nice for e-biking are of course the bike paths by the sea, where you can look from the bike directly on the beaches and the sea – and when it's warm enough, get off the e-bike and off into the sea to swim. From the Baltic seaside resorts you can cycle around and look for the most beautiful beaches.

Even the cities like Lubeck, Stralsund with the red brick facades are problematic to drive around with e-bikes. The annoying search for a parking space is not necessary and in one day you can experience the most beautiful corners of these hanseatic cities so comfortably. This can also be done quite comfortably at the North Sea. If you want, you can take your bike to the islands of Sylt, Norderney or Fohr. For those who find e-bike transportation too strenuous: some rental companies offer e-bike rentals there as well.

Baltic Sea e-biking

Cycling on the Baltic Sea with an electric bike
If you have several days to spare, you can explore the Baltic Coastal Cycle Route by electric bike. On 1075 kilometers you can e-bike from Flensburg to the island of Usedom. Thanks to the electric bike here even the steeper climbs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lose their terror. The cycle path always runs along the Baltic Sea coast, so that you can really see the sea – something you could never experience in a car or by train. And thanks to the support of electric bicycles, even those who are less fit can enjoy this landscape experience: sandy beaches, steeply sloping coasts and cliffs paired with the maritime ambience.

Baltic Sea Coastal Cycle Route with E-bike

From Flensburg via Eckernforde to Kiel and then along the Kieler Buch to fashionable seaside resorts Scharbeutz, Timmendorfer Strand and Travemunde. Before continuing on to Boltenhagen, it is worth taking a detour to Lubeck. Then continue with the E-bike to Wismar, Kuhlungsborn and Warnemunde on the way to Fischland and Darb, before with Stralsund the entrance to the island of Rugen, the goal of the Baltic Sea cycle track is reached. In Rugen the chalk cliffs are a special attraction. Enough of the sea, I also like the mountains quite well.
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E biking in the Alps

E-biking Germany in the mountains
In the south of Germany new possibilities arise with an E-bike in the E-bike vacation. The motor support allows longer bike trips than with normal bikes. Many holidaymakers can enjoy a cycling vacation in the mountains at all with the e-bike.

Until now, a cycling vacation in the mountains was simply too strenuous. However, when going on an e-bike vacation in the mountains, it is important to choose tours that allow you to change the battery on the way according to the range of the individual e-bike. Because if you are standing in the middle of the mountains with an empty battery, ebiking is no fun anymore. Pedaling is even more exhausting than with a bike and in the mountains you don't have so many places to go for help.

Even descending steep sections of trail takes a bit of practice and good brakes. Moderate e-bike tours can be undertaken in the foothills of the Alps in the Chiemgau region. Here, for example, on electric bike vacation can ride around the Chiemsee and enjoy the view of Kampenwand, Hochgern and Hochfelln. If you want to go further into the mountains, there are tours for electric bikes around Berchtesgaden – by the way, this region was one of the first ebike regions in Germany. A very popular area for an e-bike vacation with mountains and lakes is the Karwendel around Mittenwald, Krun and Wallgau. Kilometers long is the large cycling network, where you can go to 10 mountain lakes with the e-bike! A dream.
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Lake Constance Konigssee bike trail with e-bike

As a long-distance cycle path with electric bike along the mountains of Germany is the Bodensee Konigssee Radweg to be mentioned. On 410 kilometers between Lake Constance and Konigssee you will find some of the most beautiful natural sights on the edge of the Alps. The Alpsee, Tegernsee, Schliersee and also the Chiemsee are to be seen. The lakes alone would each be an e-bike region and a great destination for ebike vacations.

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