Costa Rica – Tips for ecotourists

Costa Rica is an ideal travel destination for lovers of unspoiled nature. The landscape looks like paradise. On national park hikes, visitors can experience active volcanoes, rainforests or cloud forests. You will dive directly into a complex world of adapted animal species. The national parks allow the observation of monkeys, sloths, iguanas and some species of birds. Visit the Latin American jungle.

Bizarre vegetation in nature

Green valleys, steep mountain ranges, volcanoes, tropical rainforests and wide sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea are to be found in Coasta Rica. The variety of vegetation forms is particularly impressive. Costa Rica is one of the countries richest in biodiversity. The program of events can be varied. Travelers can drive through the highlands with coffee plantations near San Jose in the morning, visit the cloud forest around the Mirador de Quetzales at noon and relax on the Pacific beach in the evening. Costa Rica has numerous national parks with a unique ecosystem.

A tip is to take an active trip. Fantastic natural wonders can be sighted. Adventurous hikes lead across a system of suspension bridges through the tropical rainforest. Here spectacular views of the volcanic cone of Arenal open up to the visitor. Excursions for dolphin watching offer themselves. With mountain bikes, the almost deserted sandy beaches of the Pacific can be explored in depth. Desired are the dream beaches Barrigona, Nosara or Samara surrounded by palm trees.

Costa Rica is well suited if a last minute trip is to be booked. An organization as a group tour proves to be complete. Costa Rica is developed for tourism and has a relatively good safety standard.

Colorful rich culture

The culture is as colorful as the country itself. Costa Ricans are among the most positive people in the world. On vacation, visitors experience a country that could not be more diverse. Caribbean flair dominates in the south. There is a certain hustle and bustle in the larger cities. Some locals live secluded lives in the highlands. This picture embodies a unique experience.

Costa Rica is located in the tropics. The Caribbean coast has a comfortable equatorial climate due to the winds blowing mainly from the northeast. The typical Costa Rican cuisine includes beans, rice and plantains. Popular drinks are mineral water, lemonades and coffee. Alcoholic beverages are dominated by the consumption of beer. Wine is rarely offered.

Hospitality and pure joie de vivre can often be observed among the residents. Locals are not suspicious of strangers and are quick to allow visitors to participate in the festivals. As a special tip, be sure to visit San Jose.

Tradition in San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. It has about 400000 inhabitants. San Jose is located in the plateau Valle Central. The bustling big city is worth a trip. It has a lot of culture and history to offer and is surrounded by fascinating nature.
The Teatro Nacional is a popular attraction. During a guided tour the visitor can learn a lot about the artistic richness. History buffs should visit San Jose's Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, which offers a very informative overview. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum has a rich collection of gold exhibits that provide insight into the culture of the Americas before the arrival of the Spanish.

The Mercado Central, San Jose's central market, is a good place to try the country's typical cuisine. At the spacious market you can find excellent food, practical items and souvenirs.

San Jose is interesting to visit all year round because of its pleasant climate. A tip is to choose the month of December after the rainy season for a trip. The days are warm and the nights remain cool. December is also the time for the "Festival de la Luz" and the "Fiestas de Zapote. These Latin American dance festivals present a vibrant city.

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