City trip Barcelona: Tips from an insider

City trip Barcelona – A city trip with art, culture and ancient history combined with a relaxing beach vacation: that sounds almost too dreamlike to be true. In Barcelona, however, this dream becomes reality. It is hardly surprising that this important cultural and vibrant city captivates people from all over the world …

Hola, Barcelona!

Barcelona fascinates with its Mediterranean way of life. The Spanish metropolis is located directly on the sea and on the one hand a kilometer-long sandy beach, which is loved by the locals. On the other hand, Barcelona annually attracts countless art and culture enthusiasts: with an exceptionally well-preserved Gothic quarter (the second largest old town after Naples), the unique splendor of Catalan Art Nouveau and award-winning postmodern buildings.

City trip Barcelona: Where to stay in Barcelona?

As a gift for his beloved wife Consuelo Fabra i Puig, Mariano Fuster commissioned the modernist architect LluIs Domench i Montaner to design Casa Fuster. The stunning house was the most expensive in the city when it was completed in 1907. The family lived however only briefly in it. In 2004, the building was extensively restored along with Cafe Vienes and transformed into a modern boutique hotel. The 96 rooms are furnished in art nouveau style, paying tribute to the building's original splendor. The lobby, the open-air terrace, the jazz club and the Cafe Vienes are reminiscent of the heady intellectual atmosphere of Barcelona in the 1920s. Jazz concerts are held once a week in the cafe and have featured such greats as Scott Robinson and Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band. A real insider tip is again the fine Market Boutique Hotel in the trendy district of Eixample. The life and unique atmosphere of Barcelona is reflected in the interior of this luxurious hotel: Spanish style and modern design are skillfully combined in the 50 rooms and suites.

City trip Barcelona: What to do in Barcelona?

Striking skyscrapers and ultra-modern tower buildings stand out from the maze of alleys in the Gothic city center – this is Barcelona. The city has an overflowing selection of sights, attractions and cultural treasures. Whether a traveler is looking for new culinary delights, a dynamic art scene, or rich architecture, there is always another surprise here – new with every visit.

The city's landmark is the Sagrada Familia, a basilica built by GaudI. Even though the famous building is completely overrun with tourists, there's no way around a visit – at least if you're visiting Barcelona for the first time. Too impressive is the, still incomplete, basilica. Art lovers will love the Fundacio Joan Miro, the MACBA and the Picasso Museum. But Barcelona would not be Barcelona if there were not – besides the world-famous sights – also hidden highlights. In the middle of the metropolis, near La Ramblam, lies the culinary market La Boqueria. Here, not only gourmets and chefs enjoy the epicurean offerings. Surrounded by the scents of a wide variety of spices and foods, there's tasting from delicacy to delicacy through the market. The scenery gives the feeling of being in an Arabic souk, which is not surprising, since Spain's history is at least partly Arabic. This has left its mark – culturally as well as culinarily.

City trip Barcelona: Where to eat in Barcelona?

For a snack in between as well as a sumptuous dinner, we recommend a visit to a tapas bar, which can be found on every corner – after all, we are in Barcelona here. The prices range from 1 euro to upscale categories, differing less in quality than in creation. The cheaper bars are down-to-earth and quaint, showing the original side of Barcelona. Catalan cuisine is famous for creating imaginative dishes from simple ingredients. And so it's hardly surprising that a multitude of Michelin stars twinkle above Barcelona. One of the city's famous gourmet restaurants is Abac by celebrity chef Xavier Pellicer. The menu impresses with creative, contrasting combinations, which, despite all the refinement, do not conceal the familiar taste of the products

Barcelona attracts with a pulsating nightlife: On the famous boulevard "La Rambla" countless bars and clubs line up, offering something for every musical taste. In addition, Barcelona offers various weekly concerts, performances by small jazz combos in quaint pubs and changing theater plays. If you want to dance the night away, grab a cab. Half an hour's drive from the city center is the beach club L'Atlantida. The trip is worth it, because here you can dance and party under the open sky directly on the beach.

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