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A week in Liguria – Our Liguria tips

One week in Liguria Portofino

It's been almost 3 months since our week in Liguria – unbelievable. It's high time that we show you all the beautiful pictures and of course tell you what we have seen, including our Liguria tips. But how did it happen that we ended up in Liguria for a week?? Actually Milan was to blame. Yes, the fashion capital of Italy is not part of Liguria. But Stefan wanted to fly to Milan this year and we decided to just add a few more days at the sea. And if you drive south from Milan, you end up in Liguria. And when I first leafed through our Liguria travel guide, which of course I had to order, I knew it was going to be great. The first vacation for the three of us.

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Backpacking Route Vietnam: Individual itinerary for 4 weeks + important tips

We traveled through Vietnam for four weeks. From South to North. From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. We covered more than 2500 kilometers on our Vietnam backpacking route and saw many different places.

In this article we have broken down our complete travel itinerary for you. We briefly reveal all the stops, the biggest highlights, our accommodations and the number of days we stayed in the different places.

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Au Pair Australia

Fulfill your dream and discover Australia as an au pair in a host family, the country with endless possibilities for a great adventure. Fascinating cities like Sydney or Melbourne which combine culture, nature and relaxing beach life in a unique way. Australia is an exciting country for young people who would like to spend a special working holiday.

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Crete – Greece’s largest island fulfills (almost) every travel wish

Kerstin Meyer from the Globetrotter travel agency in Hamburg-Neugraben discovered Crete in September 2011 and reports on her experiences.

Crete! A vacation destination that fulfills almost every wish.

With this statement from TUI Germany, which we received along with our program for the seminar trip, I looked forward with anticipation to what the tour operator had planned for us.