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Eat around Frankfurt

Lamps at Franziska Frankfurt

I'm often in Frankfurt for my job and of course you have to go out to eat and in the meantime I have a small list of good addresses for different occasions and the big and the small hunger. I am happy to pass on these restaurant tips and look forward to further suggestions:

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Packing for Work & Travel: What to think about!

You have found the perfect provider for your work and travel adventure and have completed all the necessary formalities? Then it's time to pack! But what do you actually need in order to be able to work abroad and at the same time spend your free time in a meaningful way?? We have created a clear packing list with sub-items, which will make it easier for you to think of everything important.

1. Your luggage: The backpack!

Experience shows that work and travel trips are most likely to be enhanced by a good backpack. Because oversized suitcases and impractical travel bags are more likely to hinder you on the road. You can strap on the backpack in a jiffy and off you go. You are much more flexible and save your back at the same time. Provided that it is an ideal model for you. First and foremost, the backpack must have a sensible packing system and provide you with the best possible support on the road. This also includes making sure there are no pressure points on your shoulders or elsewhere. Therefore, pay attention mainly to an ergonomic design, padded straps and a good weight distribution. A breathable back is also beneficial so that you don't sweat too much in the heat. Hip and waist belts are a must for longer trips, because they fix the load optimally to the body and thus prevent back problems. The necessary volume depends on several factors such as destination and travel duration. If you are traveling in colder regions, you will need thicker clothing, which automatically means a higher backpack volume. 60 to 85 liters are recommended in many guidebooks for work and travel trips. However, if you are very thrifty and can get by with few utensils, it is quite conceivable that a 40-50 liter touring backpack would be enough for you. On the Internet, we discovered a sensibly designed range of backpacks at Campz, a specialist retailer for adventure products, which you can sort accordingly using categories such as "trekking backpacks". This will make it easier for you to find and select the ideal product.

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Holland road trip: relaxing stop in Alkmaar – Tips & Info

In the summer I, with my family, took a road trip through the Netherlands. Our trip also took us to the little cheese town of Alkmaar… and because I liked it so much, I went there again a few days ago. Good for you, because from this is now this, very extensive travel report, with many tips& Information (from how to get there to where to stay), about and around Alkmaar in Holland, emerged.

Alkmaar Netherlands

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Best time to visit Nantucket, weather and other travel tips

Nantucket is a popular vacation destination in the summer months. This is the time of year when the weather is ideal for biking, boating and relaxing in the summer. But it is very crowded, traffic is congested and room rates are at their highest. The winter season is quite cold, but the room prices are the lowest and there are several pleasant vacation festivals. However, most businesses close in January and February. The best times to visit Nantucket are during the spring months of March and April and during the fall months of September and October. The crowds and traffic are gone; temperatures are cooler and prices for many things are reasonable. Photo: Heather-Wissman / Fotolia

Nantucket weather and temperature by month

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9 Tips for Backpacking Myanmar (Burma)

In 2011, after 15 years of a boycott to escape the repression of the military junta, Myanmar opened its doors to visitors. The country, which now has a democratically elected government, is improving its tourism infrastructure, but still has trouble handling the huge influx of visitors.

If you're thinking of traveling to Myanmar, these tips will help you maximize your stay in this culturally rich nation with some of the most hospitable people you're likely to encounter.

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Travel Planning & Insider tips

Madeira, as a tourist attraction, has the whole range of accommodation options. This applies to Funchal, the island's capital with its diverse cultural offerings, as well as to the eleven island counties with picturesque towns such as Ponta do Sol, Porto Moniz or Santa Cruz. Private accommodation such as private rooms, apartments and cottages are available all over the island in all price categories.

The right accommodation:

Compared to hotel accommodation, they offer the advantage of free daily scheduling. What would be a Madeira vacation planning without determining the vacation program? The corresponding Madeira travel tips are based on the ambitions of the travelers. For those who do not want to miss out on urban ambience, the island's capital Funchal is a good choice. Countless sights such as the Market Square, the Se Cathedral or the Botanical Garden with its aviaries combine with the urban center.