Cuba: the most beautiful places of the country

Majestic colonial charm, radiantly colorful houses, iconic vintage US cars, a sparkling zest for life and fabulous dream beaches: Cuba is as diverse as it is unique. Hardly surprising that the country is currently one of the most popular travel destinations at all. Because here the Caribbean paradise meets the charm of past times. We reveal the most beautiful places in Cuba, which you should have experienced in any case once ..

Havana, the heart of Cuba: for a cocktail with Ernest Hemingway

This is where every trip to Cuba should begin: Havana, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can stroll along the impressive boulevards, past epochal buildings, and then mingle with the people in the maze of alleyways in the neighborhoods. Cuban live music always resounds from somewhere and you soon begin to understand why Ernest Hemingway found his home in Cuba. The globetrotter traveled a lot and lived fast before settling in the country. Here he wrote his best works, first of all "The Old Man and the Sea", and in Havana you can still feel a touch of the inspiration that once spurred Hemingway on to his literary masterpieces.


British Airways World Traveller Plus A380: London-Los Angeles

For the past few years, major European airlines have been offering their long-haul flights in four classes instead of the previous three. The Premium Economy has been added, an intermediate product between Business and Economy Class, which is called World Traveller Plus at British Airways. For this comfort, a surcharge must be paid, which varies greatly. There are always offers, so that the Premium Economy can also be used relatively cheaply.


The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet – Lose weight permanently

Discovered by Dr. Peter M. MillerThe Hilton Head Metabolism Diet is a realisticweight loss plan that gets you in enviable shape by boosting your metabolism. Most of the time, we get so wrapped up in other things that we overlook our body's basic needs.

DR. Peter acknowledges the fact that our body is simple and we can manage it the way we want to. We just need to understand our physiology and instead of relying on meaningless foods and restricted meals, we should try to speed up our metabolism.


Granada – Alhambra and much more Our individual travel report with all the sights

Set against the beautiful mountain backdrop of the Sierra Nevada is the lively university city of Granada, which boasts many significant attractions.

The main attraction is of course the Alhambra fortress, it is unmissable and majestically perched on top of a hill. To visit the Alhambra it is necessary to book online and buy a ticket in advance. For this also an official identity card is necessary, sounds unusual, this is examined however in fact locally also and serves then partly even as entrance ticket.


Follow in the footsteps of Easy Rider XL

This route through the southwest of the USA is a dream for every biker! Because from the saddle of a z.B Harley Davidson is the best way to experience the highlights of this trip. From the Pacific Ocean, travel to Las Vegas and continue along Historic Route 66 to Flagstaff, gateway to the Grand Canyon. Then you continue on one of the most scenic routes with many curves to Prescott. Visit Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs before heading back to the Pacific via San Diego to Los Angeles.

  • Playing in Las Vegas& Marvel at the Grand Canyon
  • The historic Route 66
  • Curvy dream routes

Scheduled flight with renowned airline from Germany to Los Angeles, as listed in the flight plan


The 8 best camper van travel destinations in Europe

If you are looking for freedom and want to discover the endless expanses, you should definitely make a trip by motorhome. Escape the stress of everyday life and find a breathtaking route for yourself. You don't even have to travel to America, Asia or Australia for this, even in Europe you can discover the most beautiful camper destinations and experience a lot of adventure.

In this article, you will be introduced to the 7 best as well as most beautiful destinations in Europe by motorhome and given exclusive information about each route.