Book a trip – why argentina anders?

Why should I book a trip to Argentina with argentinien anders??

Argentina different is – as the name says – a slightly different travel agency. And that is exactly why our customers are always so satisfied that they often book their vacation in Argentina (Patagonia), Brazil, Chile or Peru several times with us. Convince yourselves gladly in our [travel reports] of it.

When we founded our travel agency in 2003, we all lived in Argentina. In the meantime, we have moved our travel agency to Munich, but our German-speaking staff all live in Buenos Aires and are your local contacts. Here you can learn more about our [team].

If you don't want to experience an off-the-peg vacation, but your own personal Argentina vacation – planned and organized according to your individual wishes and ideas – then we are the right partner for you. Your advantage is that we have already traveled and tested all the tours we offer. We know the country as well as its pitfalls and obstacles that occasionally get in the way of the traveler. In addition, we know the best time and duration of travel for each region to explore the area in detail.

The hotels we recommend are always small, typical accommodations, where you get an authentic insight into the culture and way of life of the Argentine people.

Furthermore, we can provide you with up-to-date tips and information through our German-speaking staff on the spot, on the one hand, and on the other hand, you always have a contact person for your questions and in case of problems.

How does a booking work?

If you are interested in a trip to Argentina organized by us, please ask for our free picture DVD. If you already have wishes and ideas for your trip, please let us know in the form [Free Request] on the website. If not, on the DVD you will find photos of our most popular tours as well as their descriptions and much more information.

Since we do not have a store, the contact usually takes place by e-mail and/or phone [Contact].

However, if you wish, we can also arrange a personal meeting in the Munich region.

Travel planning and cost estimate

After you have a more detailed idea of the country and its sights in a non-binding phone call or with the help of our website, send us an email with your specific travel wishes, your available budget and your travel dates. Of course we are always happy to advise you on questions regarding travel time, transportation, excursions or similar.

In the next step we will create an individual travel plan with means of transportation, hotels and excursions as well as a cost estimate. You work on this travel plan and cost estimate together with our staff until it corresponds exactly to your individual ideas and budget.

As soon as you are satisfied with this elaborated travel proposal, we will reserve all services. After all services have been reserved, you will receive a binding offer. Up to this point, all our services are free of charge and without any obligations for you.

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