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We, the team of bestCAMPER, like to visit the rental companies on site and have a look around for you!

Our colleague Merle Delbruck was in San Francisco and Las Vegas in 2019 and we asked her about the individual rental companies.

CruiseAmerica in San Francisco

Ms. Delbruck, what can you tell us about the CruiseAmerica depot??

"Upon arrival, you first find yourself in the indoor area, where you have to stand in a queue until you get your turn. Depending on the season, this can take some time and you should allow for it. Once the paperwork is done, you can sit outside at the covered seating and then wait for a staff member to hand over and explain the vehicle to you.

Outside, there are also rolling carts with camping chairs that you can take (if booked). My tip: unpack the chairs beforehand and pick out a good one!"

What impressed you the most?

"The size of the depot, the high volume of guests and the number of RVs CruiseAmerica has."

How is the guest area?

"Outside there are tables under umbrellas where customers can wait. Inside there is unfortunately no seating, but free water and vending machines."

CONCLUSION If you don't need a lot of luxury, CruiseAmerica is a good and affordable choice!

Apollo& Star RV in San Francisco

What can you tell us about the depot of Apollo and Star RV?

"The depot is very large and seems professional and well organized. There is an own garage, a car wash and also an own propane tank (Star RV guests can bring back the camper with an empty propane tank and Star RV can fill it up directly on site). Apollo guests would need to return this full, or have Apollo fill it at the end of the trip for a fee)."

How is the guest area?

"There is a large indoor/outdoor reception area with plenty of seating for any waiting guests. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Since there are often language difficulties, the staff here often use a translation app, which helps with communication between guests and the staff."

CONCLUSION A solid choice for young and quality motorhomes!

RoadBear in San Francisco

You have also visited RoadBear. We was your impression?

"The depot is quite compact and very invitingly designed. On one side there are vehicles for new acquisitions and on the other side guests can bring back vehicles. In the back area (not visible for the guests) there is an own workshop and car wash, so that Roadbear can independently pay attention to the high quality of the vehicles and refer to them."

How is the guest area arranged?

"There is an outdoor area in front of the entrance with chairs, tables and flowers. Inside there is a seating area with vending machines, professionally designed counters, and also an area where guests can store the utensils they are not using (e.g.B. Soap, cling wrap, food (closed, e.g. cans)) can provide for next guests. There is also free wifi."

What impressed you?

"All signs are in English as well as German. Especially this I find very convenient for German speaking guests, because a campervan takeover is already exciting enough and the German speaking signs and the also often German speaking staff make this much easier."

CONCLUSION: RoadBear offers very high quality vehicles with excellent service! Absolutely recommendable!

BestTime in San Francisco

How was your visit to BestTime?

"I was greeted very nice and surprisingly German-speaking. The depot is simple and practical. There is an in-house workshop and car wash, as well as a nice guest reception area with seating in case of waiting times.

What impressed you?

"BestTime also offers motorhomes, but also additionally compact smaller campers, caravans in combination with 4WD towing vehicles, as well as off-road campers with roof tents. These models are quite unique in the USA.

In addition, BestTime also pays attention to recycling and offers guests the opportunity to return things that are no longer needed (e.g., clothes, etc.).B. Canned food, soap etc.) for the next guests."

CONCLUSION: High quality and special vehicles!

Travellers Autobarn in Las Vegas

How was your visit to Travellers Autobarn??

"Although the rental company has not been in the USA for long, the depot seems very professional and customer friendly!

Inside there are computers with internet access, a beverage corner with free water, coffee and other drinks. Instead of a counter front, there are real rooms here, where the guests can discuss the pick-up and return of the vehicle in peace and quiet."

What impressed you?

"I was lucky enough to travel with the Kuga Camper from Travellers Autobarn and experience the guests' point of view. We had a glass damage, which was settled completely problem-free and when returning the vehicle the manager offered to drive us to our hotel, since he would have just finished work anyway. Customer service is very important here!"

CONCLUSION: From my own experience I would book the camper again at any time!

Escape Campervans in San Francisco

Ms. Delbruck, what can you tell us about the Escape Campervans depot??

"The depot of Escape" is large with its own workshop, car wash, laundry, waiting area and parking lot. In addition, there is also a room where former guests can leave their no longer needed items (eg.B. Soap, canned food, etc) can park and thus make available for future travelers."

What impressed you the most?

"The passion of the staff. Everyone puts their heart into their work and shows through customer friendliness and vision how much they love their job. This one you can see e.g. also at the children's games corner in the waiting area. Here they remember that sometimes you have to wait longer and there should be not only free wifi, drinks and TV with travel videos for adults, but also an activity for children"

CONCLUSION: A highly recommended campervan rental company with passion

Jucy in San Francisco

Ms. Delbruck, what can you tell us about the Jucy depot??

"Here the depot is housed in a large warehouse. There is a laundry, a small workshop and the staff there are very eager to hand over the vehicles in the best possible condition. For example, I was able to observe 2 women cleaning the vehicles, who were probably having fun with their work while listening to loud music."

How is the guest area?

"The guest area is simply and practically furnished. There is seating, drinks and also the possibility to store the luggage for a short time, if you are too early and the camper is not ready yet."

CONCLUSION: Small, simple but good campervan rental company"

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