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Best time to travel to Cuba: 3 tips & Info

Beach in Cuba

Joie de vivre, summer temperatures, dream beaches and classic cars – these are the things that come to mind when you think of Cuba. But what is the best time to travel to Cuba to enjoy a trip so properly? When can you experience the country from its best side? In this article you will find information and tips about the climate and weather of the country.

Travel Tips

Book a trip – why argentina anders?

Why should I book a trip to Argentina with argentinien anders??

Argentina different is – as the name says – a slightly different travel agency. And that is exactly why our customers are always so satisfied that they often book their vacation in Argentina (Patagonia), Brazil, Chile or Peru several times with us. Convince yourselves gladly in our [travel reports] of it.


Follow in the footsteps of Easy Rider XL

This route through the southwest of the USA is a dream for every biker! Because from the saddle of a z.B Harley Davidson is the best way to experience the highlights of this trip. From the Pacific Ocean, travel to Las Vegas and continue along Historic Route 66 to Flagstaff, gateway to the Grand Canyon. Then you continue on one of the most scenic routes with many curves to Prescott. Visit Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs before heading back to the Pacific via San Diego to Los Angeles.

  • Playing in Las Vegas& Marvel at the Grand Canyon
  • The historic Route 66
  • Curvy dream routes

Scheduled flight with renowned airline from Germany to Los Angeles, as listed in the flight plan

Sri Lanka

Travel Diary: Colombo | Sri Lanka

Travel Diary: Colombo | Sri Lanka

And then two weeks are suddenly over and the last day of the trip is here. So fast. After three days on the beach near Galle we are picked up by our driver in the morning and brought to Colombo. Only in the evening we have to go to the airport, and only in the early morning hours of the next day we leave again towards Munich. Until then we can spend some hours in the capital of Sri Lanka.

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La Jolla – dream beaches in San Diego

The beach of La Jolla in San Diego photographed from a sewer

San Diego, California's second largest city, is known as America's Finest City and attracts some 30 million tourists a year. This is due to the pleasant climate with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the cultural diversity, the interesting history and the high quality of life, as well as the miles of dream beaches with white sand like in the Caribbean.

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Panama Tips: Country between two seas

Vacationers with higher expectations are often looking for a special destination. One country that meets this criterion is Panama. The state in Central America lies between two oceans and is home to an impressively diverse array of flora and fauna. As a travel destination, however, Panama is still largely unknown. This fact is exactly what makes the tropical vacation country so appealing. Here are the best Panama tips.

Dream beaches, tropical rainforest and impressive wildlife

When talking about Panama, the 82 kilometer long Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, is mentioned above all. However, this enormously important shipping route is not the only thing that makes the Central American state so worth seeing. The location between two seas provides Panama with many kilometers of coastline and beautiful beaches. The national territory also includes a large number of islands, many of which are completely uninhabited. Pleasant temperatures averaging 25 to 27 degrees Celsius during the day, a varied vegetation as well as dream beaches for swimming and water sports provide variety during your Panama vacation.