Angkor Wat – 6 tips for your visit to the world’s largest temple site

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The temples of Angkor Wat are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest religious site in the world. The temple complex is not only a popular destination for tourists, but also a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Our local experts have summarized a few tips for your visit and will help you plan your trip according to your preferences.

Angkor Wat from above

Angkor Wat from above

It pays to get up early

The temple area opens its doors at sunrise, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the first rays of the sun over the temple and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of Angkor Wat.

But take a flashlight with you, because inside the temples it is still mostly dark in the morning and so you have the opportunity to examine the ruins quite adventurous and with little light.

Cambodia Angkor Wat travelers

Cambodia Angkor Wat travelers


If you don't mind the crowds, it pays to watch the sunrise at the lily pond. Here the temple is reflected in the water and is a popular photo motif. With a direct view of the temples, you can watch the sky magically change color around the temples. But be warned, because it is not quite so romantic between the tourist crowds, in the competition for the best photo.

Cambodia Angkor Wat Sunrise

Cambodia Angkor Wat sunrise

Plan your route

Since Angkor Wat is probably one of the most famous and popular travel destinations in Asia and is visited by hundreds of tourists and pilgrims every day, it makes sense to visit certain temples at specific times. Many tour groups visit Bayon Temple in the morning and Angkor in the afternoon. If you are flexible with time, you should do it the other way around to avoid the crowds.

Cambodia Angkor Wat buddhist monks

Cambodia Angkor Wat Buddhist Monks


Duration ca. 2 minutes

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