3 Camper routes for spring

Spring is coming and van lovers are waiting to get their vehicles out of hibernation. Spring is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times to travel, because there are far fewer people than in the main tourist season in summer. Plus, many regions show off a very special side during the spring months. In April and May, you will be amazed by the splendor of the Mediterranean fauna, especially in areas that have only sparse vegetation to offer due to the heat in summer. Below we present three particularly spectacular itineraries for your first van trips – including tips for camping.

1. Cappuccino, vino and dolce vita in Italy

The trip over the Brenner Pass in the direction of Italy is an annual must, especially for many Easter excursionists. But instead of heading straight for Lake Garda, the favorite destination of many athletes and accordingly overcrowded, we suggest you take a few more miles and explore some not-so-famous regions of Italy as well.

Stop 1: Piedmont and Turin

Vineyards, snow-capped peaks and ruins of ancient castles – this is what awaits you in Piedmont. The region in the north of Italy borders on France and Switzerland and has a varied landscape to offer. The landscape here alternates between vast plains surrounded by striking mountain ranges. The valleys in between – including Valle Maira, Valle Stura, Valle Susa – are beautiful and have a lot to offer. You should definitely plan a day trip to Turin. The city impresses with its baroque buildings and in one of the many bars you can enjoy a glass of Barolo or a cappuccino.

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Stop 2: Verona with an overnight stay in the Valpolicella wine region

The tour now continues towards Lake Garda. On the way there is Verona – in addition to classic sights, such as the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet, there are also plenty of typical Italian bars and trattorias to be found here. Verona is surrounded by olive groves and wine-growing areas, and this is also the place to stay – in Illasi in the wine-growing area of Valpolicella.

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Stop 3: Lake Garda

Who does not know and love it, Lake Garda? The varied landscape – lovely and flat in the south, while the mountain peaks tower up in the north – invites you to bike, hike or climb. Especially at Easter, the mountainous northern part is quite crowded, while further south you might be lucky and enjoy a bathing bay all alone.

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2. Sea, rocks and waterfalls in Croatia

Croatia – a popular vacation destination in summer – is almost still an insider tip in springtime. One is overwhelmed, which facets the country shows in these months. And of course the sea and the beaches are much less frequented than in summer. Sea and mountains are not far from each other here – the Croatian hinterland or many climbing areas are partly reachable in only a few minutes from beaches and resorts. Therefore, Croatia offers the perfect combination for a vacation with camper, sea and sports activities.

Stop 1: Istria and Vita Mia

Istria, the peninsula in the north of Croatia, is often crowded in summer due to its easy accessibility. In springtime it scores with a crystal clear sea, a beautifully blooming fauna and significantly less visitors. During a day trip you can stroll through the cities of Rovinj or Pula – both are located directly on the coast. Hikes in Istria are a pleasure due to the cool breeze and the varied vegetation. Water lovers can make their first dives here even in springtime.


Stop 2: Zadar and the National Park Paklenica

The coastal city of Zadar is the perfect starting point for island hopping or snorkeling excursions and offers a variety of beaches. For those interested in culture and city lovers, a visit to the old town of Zadar is recommended – take your time and stroll through it.

Bergwelten tips

  • In ca. 40 minutes away is the National Park Paklenica. Here the gorges, where also some Winnetou movies were filmed, invite to hiking and even more to climbing.
  • Camping tip: Only 10km away from the center is Camp Plat Kozino

Stop 3: Krka National Park in Dalmatia

Everyone has seen photos of the Krka National Park – especially of the impressive waterfalls, which blend into the green of the landscape in turquoise blue. Especially for children this water landscape is very impressive. In addition, there are also some interesting places to visit such as the historic town of Knin, monasteries and other places of interest.

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3. Atlantic, Pyrenees and Barcelona in Spain

The Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and Barcelona reflect the diversity of Spain: high waves on steep coasts, mountains in the hinterland and Mediterranean lifestyle in the impressive cities – the country can be explored particularly well with a camper.

Stop 1: Atlantic coast and Picos de Europa

If you have been there once, you will want to come back again and again – Spain's north convinces with perfect surf spots, wild romantic coasts and the exciting Basque country with picturesque little villages. With the camper you can drive along the Atlantic coast and stop wherever you like best.

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  • Well-known, famous, beautiful and easy to reach from the Atlantic coast is the Picos de Europa National Park.
  • Camping tip: In the hinterland of San Sebastian is the spot LimusIn Baserria

Stop 2: Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea

Desire for ski tours? Then you are certainly right in the Pyrenees in spring -e.g. in the Val d'Aran. But of course also hikers and bikers will find a wide range of touring possibilities. All mountain lovers will enjoy the 200 peaks, which reach up to over 3.000 meters up. Besides you will find numerous waterfalls and crystal clear mountain lakes.

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Stop 3: Barcelona and the Montseny Natura National Park

If you think you're out of place with a camper in Barcelona, you're wrong. Campsites in and outside the city offer guarded sites and with the public transport you can easily get into the hustle and bustle of Barcelona.

There you can enjoy the old town flair or pay a visit to one of the city beaches. By the way, if you are traveling by camper from Austria or Germany, you can save road miles and take the ferry from Genoa to Barcelona. The exit is in the middle of Barcelona and quite impressive.

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