3 Beautiful Towns in Austria: Bad Ischl, Hallein & Radstadt

A weekend in Austria on culinary tracks – this perfectly sums up my trip to the neighboring country. I went in search of delicious and regional delicacies, special surprises and beautiful cities in Austria. Everything is not far from Germany.

Hallein, Bad Ischl and Radstadt are three of the 14 , which are characterized by listed town centers, their own charm and a maximum population of 45.000 inhabitants.

In addition, many regional events take place in the cities, which are not only interesting for the locals, but also attract many visitors. So the small historic towns are among the . Perfect for a vacation in one or all of the beautiful towns.

Beautiful towns in Austria: Bad Ischl, Hallein& Radstadt

1. Hallein – the saltworks town on the Salzach river

When I visit them, one thing immediately catches my eye – the color green. Because the dominant lifeline of Hallein and the old town is the emerald green Salzach river. The river that brought much wealth to the city in the past. Already the Celts mined salt here. The town lived from a flourishing salt industry and the white gold was processed in the best boiling houses in town.

Hallein is also known for the famous Christmas carol "Silent Night", composed here by Franz Xaver Gruber. There is also a museum in the city dedicated to him. The Celts are still present and you can experience the history of the town in the Celtic Museum during your vacation.

Hallein culinary – brewery art market and enjoyment tour

Culinary city tour through the historic Hallein

During my visit to Hallein, the brewery art market is held in the old town, which since last year is not only a meeting place for locals, but also attracts many visitors. About 15 regional brewers from the surrounding area and from Bavaria present their innovative beers and show what they can do. Have you ever tasted lemon hops?? You certainly won't get this smell out of your head afterwards.

In addition to small micro-breweries, some top dogs are also present on the market, including the brewery , which is one of the oldest in the region. As a special highlight, the brewery's stand is located directly at the market to show beer novices or budding connoisseurs how the brewing process works.

The range of beers is enormous, different focuses are always present. A delicious IPA meets a mild beer more reminiscent of a cider. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to the best beers and the creations are surprising, because brewing is really an art here on dem!

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